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will guilty spark play a role in initnfte

OP pugwash1

with he upcoming release of halo: point of light it follows our now in a solider body guilty spark and forge's daughter in their adventure but one thing comes to mind spark in the other books he's been in had memories of installation 07 aka zeta halo so if point of light lead spark to infinite might we see John and spark meet again and how would John react to seeing spark after so long?
I think a reunion could be quite interesting as Spark played a role in all the classic games (Halo 1-3). Spark killed Johnson and dialogue from these two characters could really heat things up in the stories narrative.
We could also see Spark get involved with Cortana as she is also an AI such like Spark. if they do introduce him it would be very interesting for the campaign.
I hope not. It would really undermine the Guilty Spark battle in H3. Leave Spark to the pseudo-canon books and let the story not rely on such a small cast of characters.
Unless 343 decides to surprise us, he serves no role in the reclaimer saga games and that would likely stay. In my opinion, he needs to stay in that story bubble with Rion Forge. And even though Spark is a changed man since he's no longer bounded by his old programming, I highly doubt John would be happy to meet him in any circumstance.