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Will Infinite get rid of US advantage in MP?

OP DagnirGlaurunga

So as us EU players know, the vast majority of games are played on US servers and this leaves us at a great disadvantage due to being anything up to a second behind our opponents.

Will Infinite finally get rid of this and allow us to compete on an even footing?

I bet most players don't even notice but we get 4 shot with the Magnum, die a full second after getting into cover and lose 1v1s that we have already won on our screen. it's ridiculously annoying!

More Dedis for EU and optional region lock please!!
Umm... It is what it is... I sent an idea to mickey (Microsoft) a while ago... It could take a while but gaming will always get better and I've heard from more knowledgeable people that small population size is a big factor... Srry to hear about your troubles... Keep smiling through the frustration :)
Ha I try :)
Does Halo already have a regional setting for matchmaking? I know that games such as Fortnite have the option to look for games within a certain region, and I'd think that 343 might do the same. If not, it's definitely something they should add for Infinite.