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wish list (add your wishes here) for halo 6


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blak 1DER wrote: This was a pretty cool vid from The Act Man that talks about the best mode for Halo 6. I know it is now going to be a love service but this was really cool and constructive. I'd play the game over and over for this mode.
very awesome!!!
Not sure if official place for this.

Was suggest I repost here.

I have a few things I would love to see in Halo Infinite:Major:
  • 4 player local Split screen
  • Offline (maybe online) custom game bots
  • Playable elites
  • Flood option (similar to prosthetic arm in halo reach)
  • Unlockable armor (either halo reach or halo 3 fashion)
  • Dual wielding
  • Forge all vehicles from Halo CE to 5 (bonus for elephant, mammoth, golden hog and troop hog w/ passenger seats)
  • Species action sack? able to play as spartans, elites, grunts, hunters, brutes and jackals (probably not drones, engineers or prophets)
  • 1 multiplayer map from major areas (high charity, New Mombasa, the ark, etc.)
  • a one shot gun similar to grande launcher or the option to take off explosive damage. (for one shot no scope game modes)
I know a lot of people are asking for split screen and you said you'd add it back, so thanks. Many people are asking for multiplayer bots, please add them. The bots can play game modes like slayer, CTF, KoTH, and oddball. Besides it was proven through Halo 5 warzone that ai can be in a big team battle games. Whether or not they work on forge is up to 343i. The flood arm are is pretty much just aesthetics. Perhaps when you melee you use the flood whip instead of weapon, and it would be a small whip. The flood would look just like the player's customized elite or spartan, but just have the flood arm and maybe head like in Halo 2 Anniversary.It would be nice to have the armor unlockable like it was in halo reach or halo 3. I really want to see dual wielding return even if only in custom games. also please bring back and keep the mauler and silenced smg with scope. Please let us be able to spawn all the vehicles from the previous halo games that were all driveable. It would also be cool to have a scarab, phantom and pelican but I'm not asking for it. I'm also asking for the ability to play as the other species of the covenant at least in custom games. perhaps something similar to halo reach's invasion. That way players can recreate the grunt rebellion and the taming of the hunters.Anyway those are my many cents and thank you 343i for listening and thanks for adding the ability to zoom in, in monitor mode in MCC halo 4. The little things matter : )
I would like to see a small ester egg of the master chief just dead eye staring at noble 6 randomly running by him, also buff the AR because I don’t like that the AR is really hard to get a kill with and not many people use them because they get killed by the pistol before they get to kill anyone, get rid of spartan changes, nerf the promethians because they end up doing so much damage then I go pick the gun up and do 5 times less the damage they do, let more people ride the scorpions actually just let people sit where Marines can it looks awful when you have to have a friend sit on the h3 warthog as you drive slowly, keep the weapons glitche in h5 forge, add playable elites, let us be able to add tattoos or custom markings on the armor along with custom elite armor, also make sure that their is enough space for us to Spawn I got my scorpion stuck two times in a row in a garage on war zone, let us modify the weapon damage to individual guns on custom games, add brute rifles back, have a halo reach ranking system, have birthday packs where we have to put our birthday in and we get a few more xp boost for the day and we get a small amount of credits, and on Xmas we get armor or armor add ons like a Ghilly suit or a flash light, give us the old energy sword back with the curves on the blades. Also have master chief wake up on random planet of the unsc having halo 5 and 4 be like a dream that never happen.
The opposite of the OP's suggestions.

Bring back marines and odst.

Elites playable.

Equipment return.

Reduce sandbox redundancy.

Better map variety.

Finding skulls return.

Classic firefight.

Battle royal.

Forge world 2.0, double as royal map.

Flood with some of the awaken the nightmares pure forms.

Spartan ops season2.

Real btb.

Warfare (Halo2).

Brutes, drones, ect. return.

Momentum maintain after terminal velocity depending on surfaces.

Sub aquatic slow paced gameplay.

Boats, mudhog/hippo.

Basic Stealth.


Weapons down melee.

Enhanced sandbox interaction.

Bots. Turn coat Spartan 4s in campaign.
This is an oddly specific thing that almost definitely won't be in the final game, but it'd be cool if you could choose Master Chief's armour. I was thinking about Spider-Man PS4 and how it lets you switch between different suits, and I thought it'd be cool if you could unlock and switch between the Mark V, Halo 3/4 Mark VI, Halo Infinite armour, Mark IV, Halo Legends armour etc in campaign. I highly doubt there'll be a feature like this, it probably works better in an open-world game like Spider-Man and wouldn't really make sense in the story. But still.
This is an oddly specific thing that almost definitely won't be in the final game, but it'd be cool if you could choose Master Chief's armour. I was thinking about Spider-Man PS4 and how it lets you switch between different suits, and I thought it'd be cool if you could unlock and switch between the Mark V, Halo 3/4 Mark VI, Halo Infinite armour, Mark IV, Halo Legends armour etc in campaign. I highly doubt there'll be a feature like this, it probably works better in an open-world game like Spider-Man and wouldn't really make sense in the story. But still.
Nice! I never thought of that.
My wishlist.
  • A robust and long campaign.
  • Blue Team.
  • Saying goodbye to Cortana, and the Covenant.
  • A long and interesting air level would be cool. Remember piloting the hornets in Halo 3 for the one part of that level? Imagine a much longer one with more objectives, air combat, strafing ground targets etc. If your hornet gets destroyed certain points would have hornets, falcons, pelicans to pilot and get you back in the fight!
  • Multiple threats arising at once. Banished, Colony, Grunt uprising.
  • Grunts to be humorous, but not a joke, not the 'Minions' of the Halo universe.
  • I want to see a new threat rise from outside the galaxy. Something very alien, but with lots of things to shoot, invades the galaxy. As you battle them across the galaxy you fight in some locations from past games, and the nostalgia fills us with good & sad feels. I'd love to see a robot empire of some sort, where, when certain "elite" soldier robots get shot to pieces you have to make sure to shoot the head piece because otherwise it has(may have) the ability to reconstruct itself. I'm not talking boss type soldiers, but certain types of "Elites" or "Brutes" soldiers, so to speak.
    Yet that sounds like a thing already, is that a thing already? Am I thinking of something I read about the robots in Destiny?
  • I absolutely want the Mammoth to return. And drive-able. I imagine a huge open plain where a group of Mammoths get in a long distance tussle with a group of Scarabs. The distance closes up and Mammoths and Scarabs are in eachothers faces, support vehicles racing around, boarding actions! Also excise that area from the campaign and create it as a dedicated FireFight map too. How long can you and your friends in one Mammoth last against an onslaught of enemy vehicles. A set boss could possibly be a Kraken.
  • Bring back Firefight, and add dynamic difficulty scaling. If players are dug in wiping out wave after wave on Normal, drop in a couple waves of Heroic.
  • Different multi-player/Firefight modes, as previously mentioned-like Scarabs vs. Mammoths-battle takes place in huge area, teams build up kills to "power" a Mini-Mac shot or Scarab beam shot, and three to five shots wins the game. Should A.I. drive the vehicles though?
  • A vehicle based VS mode. Players spawn as vehicles. This multi-player mode could have exclusive Sabre space based levels.
  • A fully customizable FireFight too. Reach on steroids!(Take Beachhead in Reach for example. I wanted to be able to drop in a conventional hog instead of the missile hog, things like that, and more.) EDIT 2019/01/30: A.I. team mates, customize wave progression, and intensity.
  • Scale-able difficulty. (optional though). If the game sees you are owning the field on normal difficulty for several rounds to a set or two, it will scale it up to heroic on the fly. If you are holed up on the map somewhere being undefeatable let the bad guys call in air support or orbital support. Concerning Orbital strike; give the player a chance to shoot the enemy holding the designator though. Anyway, there has to be a satisfactory way to make scale-able difficulty work, and be optional too.
  • About FireFight difficulty. If different difficulties have different tactics, I want every level of difficulty to have access to all levels of tactics. If players are dug in dropping wave after wave on Normal, not only does the A.I. have the choice to send in a couple Heroic waves, it also lets the enemies have access to the tactics of every level of difficulty without switching to Heroic etc. This would help add variety and change up for the players.
  • The return of a robust Theater Mode. My experience is the awesome theater mode in Halo Reach. You could watch the entire mission unfold. Educational too, because you could move ahead or behind and see how the engine was dealing with assets. Very cool.
  • The Vulture to be brought into other games and have a fun level where you can man the guns and walk around inside to another gun if yours gets disabled.
  • Locusts brought in as well. Not building destroyers though. A conventional Covenant weaponry version. Large needlers, things like that, and with four sets of prongs on the back. Two each side, these are used to carry grunts (maybe jackals?) into the battlefield and drop them off. They are exposed to fire once the limited Locust shield goes down though. Maybe no shield at all? They are able to fire their hand weapons though. Hijackable too.
  • Grunts driving Warthogs and Choppers.
  • And if you can have four customized Spartans in the co-op campaign, allow the cut-scenes to show them all just as easily as you would one player.
  • I really like all the Spartan movement and mobility in H5. While Spartan charging or sprinting it would be cool to have a 'Tackle' ability that puts down an assassination on who you just tackled. (Perhaps only for campaign?) Also maybe a new CQC system that plays like assassinations somehow?
  • Others will probably hate this, but I'd really enjoy it. More variety of actions in gameplay then just shooting. Remember how you could activate/repair things in Lost Planet? Remember Chief in H4 pulling those maglocks? I so wanted to be rapidly pressing a button in those scenes to 'help' him pull those devices!
  • Bots! I think it's finally time to give players bots to play with and against in offline/local multi-player modes.
  • Make sure all the story is in the game rather then spreading it around as a cross-media event.
Here is one I've wanted for a long time!
EDIT 2019/01/30: A Covenant VS. mode where players play as Covenant forces fighting eachother. Play as Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Hunters etc.. Each has specific abilities etc.. Even specific species modes, all players are just a certain race. Allow players to customize the look of their Grunt etc. just like you customize your Spartan.
  • Covenant V. Covenant campaigns. This is where players play as their own customized Grunts, Jackals/Skirmishers, Hunters, Brutes, Elites, etc., in campaigns that cover a Covenant civil war. This could also be brought in as special modes for multi-player, and Firefight.
  • Regarding playing as Covenant. I want a Covenant V. Covenant campaign, Vs. mode, that is Squad based. Example:
    You play as an Elite and you outfit your squad however you choose-based on your play style, I suppose, with Grunts, Jackals/Elites, Brutes, Elites, Hunters, maybe even an Engineer for shielding and health regen. You then can give out squad orders and commands to you're A.I. squad, take cover, flank, recon, pursue, push forward, breach etc. Like H5 but more robust. This could work for UNSC forces too. As you succeed through missions you can outfit your squad with better armor and equipment, and replace killed squadmates. For every downed squadmate you get a "memory card" so you never forget their sacrifice.
  • Multi-player specific modes: Grunt v Grunt, Jackal v Jackal, etc., etc., but there would be a mixed races mode for anyone brave enough. And we could customize our Grunt, Jackal, Hunter etc., just like our Spartan. Each race would have race specific armor abilities like Reach, for their loadout. Also race specific native abilities, as seen throughout the series.
EDIT 2019/01/30 Forge/FireFight related: An extravagant Halo level editor (Forge). One that lets you play with A.I., A.I. behaviour, A.I spawn points, events, and strings situations and levels together. Even minute details like setting skulls for a specific A.I. unit. Enemy and friendly A.I..
Consistent helmet sizes. Halo 5 was a mess regarding that.
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I know they confirmed Reach like customization, I just hope it has plenty to grind for.
I want to see a game mode where you play as 7 grunts and 1 Spartan. The grunts have 1 minute to kill the spartan, and the one that does becomes the next spartan, getting points per kill and per second. The clock resets every time the roles switch and the first one to stay a spartan for a minute ends the match. Something along those lines would be really fun.
My Wishlist
  • Custom Games Browser at Launch: I feel like this is a must, and would be very disappointed if it is missing.
  • Match Composer at Launch: Has been a great addition to MCC, I feel like it streamlines searching a lot and lets you find exactly what you want to play
  • Armor Customization that is a combo of Reach and 4: These two games obviously had the best armor customization and should be looked to for reference on how it should be done. From Reach: Armor effects should return, thigh attachments, wrist attachments and Helmet Attachments. From 4: wrist/lower arm armor. 4 also had the ODST armor that had a backpack, it would be cool if more back attachments were added. 4 also had armor skins, but these were simply alternate versions of existing armor. That returning would be cool, but it would be better if you could unlock skins that could apply to all armor (like camo patterns for example i.e. Forest Armor skin for Hazop)
  • Copy-pasted UI from Halo Reach: Halo Reach had, in my opinion the best UI/Menu experience and organization of any Halo game. Everything was easy to get to, easy to find, and well organized.
  • Return of Classic Firefight: This has been a glaring omission from each game since Reach. ODST and Reach's firefight was incredible. The PVP options in Reach's firefight were really cool too and often overlooked and underutilized
  • Return of Certain Gametypes missing from Halo 5: Headhunters from Reach, Regicide from 4, Ricochet from 4, possibly extraction from 4, and Dominion from 4. They likely won't bring back Dominion as Warzone is supposedly an evolution of it, but they could add more Dominion-esque elements to Warzone (such as being able to fortify bases with turrets). Regicide was the best new game mode from 4 and should have returned in 5.
  • Playable Elites and the Return of Invasion: So many people have been begging for playable Elites in multiplayer since they were removed in Halo 4. They should definitely be brought back, and if they are, Invasion should return as well. Invasion is one of the best game modes in Halo history, and it is a shame that it has been excluded since Reach. However with Elites, they need to figure out how to balance the character models well, though I feel H2A is a good example of elites being done in a balanced way
  • Something gameplay-wise to do while matchmaking: This isn't a returning Halo feature, but one that I still wanted to include on this list. I played Ghost Recon: Future Soldier a lot, and a feature that was included in that game that I thought was really cool and interesting was that you could enter a very small and simple firing range in the menu while you were matchmaking. It was super unique and no other game has done something like that. The closest I can think of is PUBG and Fortnite before the match starts. Something similar (to Future Soldier) could be really cool, though it wouldn't necessarily need to be a firing range.
  • Return of Campaign and Firefight Matchmaking: This was another cool feature that (as far as I know) was only in Halo Reach.
  • Campaign Theater Mode: Another great feature that has been excluded since Halo Reach. Campaign Theater mode was always great, and has been missed. Of course they would need to have a well-functioning theater mode in the first place.
  • Leveling System and In-Game Economy like Halo Reach: To me, I also think Reach had the best example of a Halo game economy and leveling system. The levels were much more interesting that simply having a number like in 4 or 5, but you could still tell which levels were prestigious. It was also cool how more customization options would unlock as you leveled up as well. The in-game economy of Infinite will likely not follow the Reach model, but it is wishful thinking. We know the game will have some form of microtransactions, but hopefully they are done well so that everything can be obtained in some way without buying it.
I want to see a game mode where you play as 7 grunts and 1 Spartan. The grunts have 1 minute to kill the spartan, and the one that does becomes the next spartan, getting points per kill and per second. The clock resets every time the roles switch and the first one to stay a spartan for a minute ends the match. Something along those lines would be really fun.
This sounds like a slightly modified version of Juggernaut or Regicide. What Halo 4's Flood mode is to Infection is what this sounds like it would be to Juggernaut. Very similar, if not the same, game mode with one side having different skins. But playing as a grunt would be flipping fun anyway
Drivable scarabs
More medals.
no Locke
longer more original campaign
infection like halo reach
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Just wanted to add a wish regarding the new art piece by Jeremy Cook. Please make that a large area in a campaign. That piece is really great. I love the dark and the snow and the lighting.
It makes me imagine part of a campaign where you're at a firebase somewhere, and all the vehicles are covered in snow like that. The conflict, and goals all take place in that atmosphere. You go into lit buildings of the firebase and out the windows you can see lights in the yard and maintenance garages lighting up the falling snow. I know it would probably mean creating double models of assets, but that would be a really 'cool' environment to play in. Just dark enough, just snowy enough, all the lighting pops. Just like the beautiful artwork. That makes me excited. One thing though would be keeping the slipperiness to a minimum. The vehicles are heavy enough that it shouldn't factor in very much at all. It's just about having fun in this dark snowy environment, not about constantly fighting to keep your vehicle from flying off a cliff!
I'll keep my wish list simple as most every response on here covers alot of things I'm personally hoping for myself.

I'd like to get a special armor, emblem, and visor for completing the game on legendary solo.
I'd also like to get a medal or in game achievement for passing campaign on any difficulty without firing a single round.
And I'd like to find out what happened with the Didact from H4. We all know he didn't die.. There's no way. He was far too easy to defeat. Is he going to be in H6 at ALL?
I know everyone has read this before but Halo Infinite needs playable elites
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