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wish list (add your wishes here) for halo 6


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Get rid of micro transaction.
Get rid of Armor Abilities.
Get rid of ADS and focus on core Arena style gameplay.
Bring back Halo 3 ODST / Halo style Firefight.
Bring back dual wielding.
More Master Chief, less (insert random other character that you play as that isn’t Chief)
Don’t add Battle Royale style mode.
More likes please
- *Bring back playable Elites*
- Bring back Invasion.
- Bring back those "armor flairs" from Reach, like Inclimate Weather.
- Have Spartan abilities and make them good, fun. Ex; Armor lock and bubble shield were good, fun. Hardlight shield and auto-sentry were awful.
+ At the very least have the dodge roll skill for Elites if they make a return as playable.
- Get rid of thrusters only and clamber from 5.
- Make the campaign amazing. (Which doesn't mean make it as pretty as possible, all the games 343i made look gorgeous, the campaigns are still dookie. Save for Halo Wars 2 which I have not yet played.)
- If Req packs stay, do *not* lock all cosmetics behind them. I very much enjoy unlocking armor/cosmetics/content through achievements. (The harder the better~)
+ Do not make the grind for Req packs a chore.
- Keep Warzones.
+ If playable Elites become a thing, add more onto Warzones, like have jackals and grunts instead of marine A.I's and over all beef up what is on your team. Have ODST and maybe some "lesser" Spartan AI if on UNSC and "lesser" Elites and Hunters if non-human.
- Keep Halo 5's forge and or build on it.
- Include a custom game browser.
- *Do not lie to us*, like they did with Halo 5 "Hunt the Truth".
- More vehicles and weapons. (Bring back Needler rifle.)
- I wouldn't mind if 343i had a special type of armor to give out like Bungie did with Recon.
- Less prometheans or have more interesting ones would be nice, I don't like them. At the very least, stop having them teleport every 2 seconds.

EDIT: I hit enter to soon...Anyways, these are all the things I would like to see off the top my head. Though the only I really care about, is playable Elites. /EDIT
This is so awesome and beast idea
And add a playable Brute
i just want mark v alpha in the game as a pre order bonus-
I disagree, because some of us want it by playing the game. then not only a couple of people could have it. I think you should have to beat it on legendary to get mark v alpha.
i just want mark v alpha in the game as a pre order bonus-
I disagree, because some of us want it by playing the game. then not only a couple of people could have it. I think you should have to beat it on legendary to get mark v alpha.
i feel like the halo 3 master chief armor would be a legendary armor to unlock
i just want mark v alpha in the game as a pre order bonus-
I disagree, because some of us want it by playing the game. then not only a couple of people could have it. I think you should have to beat it on legendary to get mark v alpha.
i feel like the halo 3 master chief armor would be a legendary armor to unlock
Yeah, forgot about that. well then from completing a LOT of achievements.
I only wish for a Playable Sangheili Race, and actual Armor Customization for them like in Halo 3
how about reach customization
Thats what i mean. instead of Pre-Set armor for Sangheili in Reach, we should be able to customize the armor like we did in Halo-3
I wish they could bring back the infinite ammo skull back to the game like back in Halo: CE and Halo 2
Stick to classic artsyle and movements mechanics. Don't change things for the sake of change
Commented a while ago, but now I have a lot more to add. I don't mind if Infinite reverts back to the old ways (no sprint, spartan abilities, etc) and I also don't mind if the keep the new stuff either. For me, I would really like:
-Less plasticky looking armor, and make the Spartan under suits black again
-A big epic campaign. The campaigns that 343 have done seem lacking on the Halo spectacle that made previous games so great, we need more missions like Assault on the Control Room, Sword Base, The Ark, and The Covenant.
-Earnable armor. Achievement based armor was awesome in Halo 3, Reach had a cool system of unlocking more armor as you ranked up, and Halo 4's commendation based armor was likewise cool. A little bit of all this would be great.
- Warzone itself is really fun, REQs as they are now, aren't. Keep the game mode, modify the REQs as a microtransaction, especially by taking armor out of there.
-Better forge textures. I love how in depth forge mode is in Halo 5, but the building textures are atrocious. Luke the armor, the textures look too much like plastic
-WEAPON VARIANTS. I love weapon variants in Halo 5, prophets bane, Tartarus gavel, the answer, whispered truth are all prime examples of super fun weapons that really spice up game modes such as super fiesta. Keep them out of normal slayer maps and whatnot, but keep them around for super fiesta and custom games (and warzone too).
I believe I made one of these way back when for halo4 and halo5. I wont for infinite, I will just avoid setting myself up for dissapointment. I'll just wait till I get to play the game and see what I think about it then.

However...I just cannot stop myself from wishing for the flood to return, thats the one thing I'll say...
My wishes are PC based and also for MCC:

- Don't change too much, halo is a great game and doesn't need to end like COD...
- Offline and Online Splitscreen support, up to 4 people if possible. (for PC!!!!!)
- 32:9 Aspect ratio support, game looks very cheap if it's buggy when scaled. Although this is not a common AR. Destiny 2 did a really great job with this
- Cross-Platform Multiplayer not in all modes, for example in SWAT you're much better off with keyboard/mouse than with controller. Just to make it fair.
- Please don't make matchmaking like in destiny. That's the worst. Unplayable because you need to know 5 other people who play the game and are online 24/7. Wtf
- Black undersuit for armor like in halo reach. In general, Reach was perfect regarding player customization. Skull-Helmet after 100% unlock would be awesome af
- I have no idea how you will handle the toggle zoom on pc, but i'm sure you'll do a great job at it.

Just wanna say thank you devs, i really envy you and if you want a pizza or coffee just reply to this message :)
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I wish they could bring back the infinite ammo skull back to the game like back in Halo: CE and Halo 2
And scarab gun. It'd be cool to hunt for one in every map or carry it over from map to map.
Saitam305 wrote:
  • Forget about story, nobody gives a great journey about the story, add a battle royale mode instead!
  • Release the game last night, don't care how little polish it has, just call it "early access" and fix it all a year later with a $40 price tag.
  • Playable elites are a waste of time to code, make a battle royale instead.
  • Make the pistol a sniper.
  • Actually make sniper the default secondary weapon.
  • Sell the franchise to EA, they're great with microtransactions.
  • Made a purchasable option to make all 3 bullets from the BR defy the laws of gravity to aim straight to the head.
  • Covenant soldiers need to stop calling our spartans "Demons". They prefer to be called mortally challenged.
  • Add weird and quirky dance moves that look like the modeling actor had a seizure on camera so kids can start doing those things in public and doom our future generations.
  • Did I mention battle royale? Its what all the kids love and a game in the early 2020's should totally follow 2017/18 trends.
Hope all those are totally reasonable requests from a "halo fan" who just got off a 48 hour Call of Duty infinite warfare marathon just before 2 weeks of back to back fornite dance practices. If you disagree then I don't care, your argument is immediately invalid because I have all of Destiny 2's and their expansions on all of my consoles.
Of corse and add a Mark VI default armor
Remove Spartan Abilities (That means sprint too)
Add back in pickups from halo 3 and expand on them heavily (This is how any "spartan abilities" should be implemented)
Increase movement speed and jump height
Make the art style more akin to the "classic style"
Reduce the bullet magnetism heavily
Add playable elites
Get rid of this necessity for Multiplayer to be "canon"
Have a good single player experience

- Every halo was gritty and had a somewhat serious tone both in the campaign, art design, and gameplay. Now the games specifically halo 4/5 look seriously childish and laughable. There is a lack of seriousness now, for example the covenant is and absolute joke gameplay and artsyle wise and are not intimidating in the least, and in multiplayer spartans seem to glow and the guns feel like they aren't real. The multiplayer environments as well lack realism. Take notes from halo 2 anniversary multiplayer - Aside from the elite design this how halo games should look.
My wishlist is:
* Content at launch. Map packs that are made from scratch as DLC, armor and skins could also be in the DLCs but not playlists like infection etc.
* Campaign with flood, brutes, scarabs and more Chief. Let the revive and command option stay with Arbiter on the fireteam. HCE/H2/H3 level design and HCE/H2 music with a H2/H3/H4 storytelling. Return of flashlight and nightvision like in HCE.
* Armor abilites, spartan abilites and equipment items. I would especially love promethean vision, jetpack, evade, regenerator, gravity lift, shield drainer, hologram, armor lock, invincibility, tripmine, bubbleshield & autosentry to return.
* Return of grenades, new grenades added like smoke and stun grenade + nade cooking.
* Like a destiny kinda lobby on the Infinite spaceship. With the open world concept kind of thing, but on the lobby you have the section with the standard campaign missions.
* Playable elites and dual weild.
* Return of co-op vehicles like the falcon and spectre. Return of brute vehicles and maybe even vehicles from Halo Wars.
* Let the H5 weapon pool stay + return of the missing weapons. HCE: AR, plasmarifle, plasmapistol, magnum, sniper & shotgun. H2: Bruteshot, beam rifle & sentinel beam. H3: Mauler, carbine, spiker & flamethrower. H4: Sticky detonator & DMR. HR: Concussion rifle, focus rifle, needlerifle, target locator & plasmalauncher.
* HCE/H2/H3 inspired main menu. Everything blue, rotating and with never forget music.
* H5 forge, custom browser, file share & roster.
* Voting system in MP.
* Reach ranking, customization & credit system.
* Terminals like in HCE & H2 anniversary. Skulls & easter eggs.
* To be able to pick up the hunter claw after killing a hunter. To pick up and be able to use the jackal shield.
* To face hunters in their natural form in campaign like in Halo Nightfall. + new alien species and maybe we can see more forerunners instead of just prometheans.
* H5 spartan ID with loadoats, weapon skins, assassinations, announcers and stances.
* Instead of all the armor and vehicle variants we would be able to just customize our own warthog and moongose with skins. The patterns and white stripes on the armor should just be a changeable option.
* Cloaks and gillysuits.
* Spartan Ops with campaign missions from the older games, like a mission from H3:ODST, Reach and even with fireteams from the books. It doesn't need to be connected story, just a oppurtunity to experience teams in a modern FPS.
* Reach & ODST firefight with option to customize your enemies. You can choose to fight flood for example.
* MP would consist of: Social, Ranked, Classic, Warzone, Firefight & Spartan Ops.
* Sidequest if it's a open world game.
* Underwater & space missions.
* Warzone should have a more variety of maps. Forest, cave, underwater, covenant spaceship, Infinity spaceship etc.
* No spartan abilities & armor abilities in campaign, only in MP. Equipment items is fine.
* Special armor, vehicles and weapons unlocked through finding all skulls or terminals for example.
To anyone from 343 who may be perusing this topic: Please, please, please bring back a true Firefight mode! I'm fine with Warzone making its way back into Infinite, but I'd much prefer to see a true Firefight mode modeled after Reach's return with this game after being absent in every release for the past nine years!

Firefight was my favorite mode in Reach. I loved the variety, replayabilty alone or with friends, and the robust customization options for the mode overall. I remember me and my friends speculating like crazy what additions would be made to Firefight before Halo 4 was announced not to have the mode.

I've missed it like crazy and it's decimated the amount of time that I've poured into Halo 4 and 5 with its absence. Warzone is fun, but it's not the same thing.
Also, I hope they add more new vehicles. If they make underwater missions I hope we get a submarine that fires missiles underwater. I hope we get promethean land vehicles too and maybe they could put some needler gun on the ghosts. I also hope they could add some selfdestruction mode on the mantis as the grunt mech have. So many oppertunities.
Possible solution for the next Halo...Remaining players on the team have the option to go to a place on the map and call in / invite only from their spartan company who have volunteered to be a part of joining into a game. Must be same rank or less as the quitter / lag out. Offer extra xp and a medal for the one who joins. It's also incentive for more players to be in a spartan company. 3 v 4's are a turn off and 4 v 1's are draining and hurting Halo 5. Spartan company play has been a major part of my H5 experience. I'd like to see more company matchmaking... -Jugy
  1. Bring back plasma stun
This was an ability that plasma weapons in halo ce had that allowed them to stun anyone that was shot by them. This significantly decreased the player's movement speed, sensitivity, and jump height while being shot at. I never liked how it was removed for halo 2 because it made plasma weapons much more useful than they were without it. There is almost no reason to pick up a Plasma rifle or plasma pistol in halo 2 and the games that came after.

2. Bring back the squad mechanics from halo reach and 5

If marines become a big part of the campaign like the were for the older games then I would like to see the squad mechanics from halo reach and 5 return. Recruting different marines should work the same way it did in reach, but once they are in your fire team you can command them using the d pad like how it is in halo 5. You should be able to tell them to pick up a weapon, get in a vehicle, or move to a certain area. This will make it much easier to get them to do what you want them to do without having to drop your current weapon to give them the right gun, or hope they get into the right spot in a vehicle.
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