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Today at gamescom Microsoft announced X019 convention with halo infinite coming next year u think we will get any news on it here?
Not sure, I'm kind of surprised there was no sign of it at Gamescom so far...since Halo Infinite is due for 'flight' programs, would assume we would hear something in the coming months or we might end up with rushed testing next year that will defeat the point of having them.
I think the safest bet is to assume that there is no announcements.
As we have seen at Gamescom (the Halo Reach pack for Gears 5 aside), Halo will not be at every major event.
343 announced weeks ago that they had no plans to mention Infinite at Gamescom, so it should not come as a surprise when there were no Infinite-related updates.
When is X019? I don't see why we couldn't get a little bit of news.
Today at gamescom Microsoft announced X019 convention with halo infinite coming next year u think we will get any news on it here?
I think yes! The Beta should launch at least one year before the game, so maybe they'll announce it and show gameplay :)
When is X019? I don't see why we couldn't get a little bit of news.
It's on November 14th
I highly doght that's gonna happen, if we get any thing Halo related, maybe some MCC news
343 said there was going to be infinite news. My guess is the next time we get a drop is going to be E3 2020.
One thing at a time. My prediction is we won’t start seeing heavy Infinite news (flight/beta, Multiplayer etc) until after they release and finish with MCC Reach.

I know just over a year seems like forever to some but, we will have planty of info soon. One good thing I can say about being older is, time flies by now! Holiday 2020 and Infinite will be here before I know it! Lol
If so I could see them announcing an open Beta for spring time. But I doubt it.

Hopefully they'll announce the next Fable there since it's in London
343 is in a difficult position with Halo Infinite being the launch game for a new console.

Anything they put out will be scrutinised not just as a Halo game - but as a preview for the new console.

MS will not want anything out there that gives away their marketing for the Scarlet.
I’ve already started saving money for the console and the game so I’m good 😁
I really hope it's there! I live in London and the tickets are super cheap so me and the girlfriend plan on going with some other friends. Can't really see an Xbox centred event not having any Halo presence considering it's their flagship franchise.
X019 is on November 14th this year. Xbox's Birthday (and Halo's!) Is on November 15th. Halo Infinite will be the launch title for Xbox Scarlett. Could we be seeing Halo AND a potential release design and specs of the next Xbox then? 😄

I have made a post in the General Forums with a very similar intent. If a mod or employee could help me out and Archive or delete my Forum thread? (only one reply that sent me here.) I don't think this site needs 2 threads with the same content. Thanks!
I think X019 will be similar to X018. a lot of focus on Xbox Game Pass and new info on late 2019 and early 2020 releases for PC and XB1 (last year was late 2018 and early 2019). Probably also info on xCloud, some new controllers and maybe some more studio acquisitions. The most Halo news I think will happen is MCC PC and Reach XB1 if Reach hasn't been released by X019.
I don't expect any Halo Infinite presence at XO19, aside from MAYBE an announcement of when we can expect flighting to start next year, if the game is far enough along that they know that answer by then.

XO19 is too small of a stage to do much else, and it's way too early to talk about the kind of "small potatoes" announcements around the game, that might make sense for it.

I don't expect to see gameplay, until E3 2020 - probably leading off the Microsoft conference.
But wasn't the Halo 5 Multiplayer World Premiere shown in November only? With a release date for the beta which started at the end of December.
It was shown in November 2014. Beta launched at the end of December 2014, with the final game released on October 27, 2015. We should surely expect Halo Infinite Multiplayer gameplay at X019 with a release date for the beta/flighting programs. After that, the next major event is GDC and then E3 2020, of course, where I feel they will show the World Premiere of Infinite's campaign.
I certantly hope so. Halo 5 had its gameplay reveal after ~2 years in development (66% the way through). If halo infinite had its at XO19 that would be 4 years! Into development (80% the way through, 75% if you take a year off for making the new engine). Its a major xbox event and with gears 5 releasing soon/no forza announced everyones eyes will turn to infinite. microsoft dosnt have another blockbuster aaa franchise to rival halo/gears, and an absence would likely start to fuel speculation of troubbled development. While it wouldnt be a sure sign of such troubbles, it would conversely be reasonable to be concerned. I think if they dont have a significant infinite showing its ultimatly their loss. They should embrace the marketing opportunity. But they have been highly secretive about infinites gameplay for so long i certantly wouldnt be suprised if they continue being silent. 343 did say back in 2018 that they “wanted to build this game alongside our fans”. Does that hold true if we are really waiting until e3 2020 for the community at large have a chance to give any feadback on gameplay by which point the game is already 90-95% done? Personally i dont think so. But hey its vague marketing speak! If 344 can legally say it, its fair game.