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You accept Evil Cortana or Dead Cortana?

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  • Evil Cortana takes the whole "Die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself as a Villain" quote out the window.. since she died and now a villain. But its not all bad. It leads Halo to a situation more dangerous than any other situation in previous games (Character wise, not like Halo rings).
  • Dead Cortana lays as the last character that dies in the Halo 1-3 trilogy and leaving Master chief alone in the the new Saga with new characters. It also allowed an opportunity of the quote "About being a machine" to mean something and truly change the perspective of Master Chief about being a soldier since childhood.
Ignoring the launch of Halo 5 or any plot-holes you can think of for each, and just generally lay down the thought of a ground scenario of Cortana creating a current situation as of right now (the future), which would you choose from?

- For me, I choose dead Cortana. Master Chief entering a war with allies and being the only one coming back from it with a new perspective of himself leads a better situation of Master Chief becoming the enemy. As nice as an Evil Cortana may be and "being a machine" directs to herself, dead Cortana reflects off more of humanity and our main character Master Chief much better.
I feel like Halo 4's ending finished her story, however I do find 5's storyline interesting. It depends what they do with her in Infinite.
Or....a third option to take her to Halsey for a tune up.😊
I wouldn't prefer any of these choices. I`d rather see Cortana turn back to the good side. It would be pretty stupid to make her the main villain in Halo Infinite and I`d rather see that they team up again master chief and Cortana. But some people do not care about her death or if she is the villain. I played Halo almost all my life and I hope 343 makes a good decision about the story. And if they decide to kill Cortana and have a new A.I. I hope they make it satisfying so that it doesn't feel empty. I can not imagine master chief with any other A.I then Cortana. But all of this is my opinion and I would like to see that Cortana turns back to the good side probably she was infected by the flood or the forerunners which could be a nice plot twist and then you take her back to doctor and she heals her or resets her idk... but I just hope she stays alive and master chief as well. If they kill master chief I would be pretty upset as well. Some people demand that master chief must be killed and that we have locke. But I do not like Locke, the master chief was always the main protagonist in this franchise and killing his A.I and him would certainly mean a lot of hate towards 343 industries.
Actually I would like a mix. Chief finding out from Catherine that Cortana isn't alive, but merely a damaged, delusional fragment that absorbed knowledge from the Domain. Knowing this he goes into deep depression, splitting from Blue Team, questions his own life about being a soldier or a machine. Chief may end up not trusting anyone, get a serious case of paranoia, then feels like everyone's out to get him.

It'll be like the original Locke hunting Chief plot that was scrapped, Chief is solo, no allies in his quest to save Cortana, no matter the cost, for that has been his mission since Argent Moon. Possibly what the Librarian did to him in Halo 4, more DNA changes has been unlocked once Chief entered the Cryptum, and scraps his Gen 2 mjolnir for Gen 1, to rid himself of Cortana's influence in fear of being controlled, like a machine.

Just a thought.
Cortana should be super dead.

There's not many ways to even take her at this point. If this is the real Cortana, then she's throwing away everything she was in the past. If she isn't Cortana, why use her likeness in the first place and not the Didact?

For a conclusion, you'll either:

  • Kill Cortana for good, which won't have the same impact because you already watched her die before.
  • Save Cortana, which makes her a damsel in distress again when the whole point of Halo 4 is to not be that.
  • Convert Cortana, which means her convictions weren't all that solid in the first place.
  • Have someone else make the choice, which isn't satisfying to you as the player.
I don't prefer either or. I'm fine with Cortana going bat -Yoink- crazy (as long as the explanation for her revival and new personality/goals make sense which I'm eagerly waiting for) and I would've been fine with H4 being the end of her story.
I think Cortana will create problems in Halo Infinite but will ultimately be an ally. In the trailer Master Chief has her chip hopefully hinting that Cortana is still reasonable and works with us.
Cortana should never be allowed to work with Chief again if she survives. If she survives, she should never be allowed to work with a solider or team, let alone Chief (especially after emotionally abusing and manipulating him). She should pay for her crimes.
Cortana should never be allowed to work with Chief again if she survives. If she survives, she should never be allowed to work with a solider or team, let alone Chief (especially after emotionally abusing and manipulating him). She should pay for her crimes.
?!?!. I played Halo for a long time. And I wouldn't like to see Cortana gone. But that is just my opinion. But I think se does not deserve to die. She was corrupted and she probably still is and maybe we will restore her in Halo Infinite to the normal stage.
Y’all keep talking about fixing her or giving her a tune up yet seem to forget she murdered scores of innocent people, attempted to emotional and psychological manipulate the Master Chief, and took over a good portion of the galaxy.

You cant just hit the reset button on that. There need to be actual consequences.
Dead Cortana. Bringing back a dead loved one is lazy writing. Leave that for the soap operas.
cortana was a good character and she was better as a good character along with chief, it was sad that she died in halo 4 but bringing her back in halo 5 ruined her character, so she should had stayed dead tho.
AMA4N wrote:
cortana was a good character and she was better as a good character along with chief, it was sad that she died in halo 4 but bringing her back in halo 5 ruined her character, so she should had stayed dead tho.
I didn't like it when they killed her off. Chief and Cortana together are a fundamental part of Halo for me, and I suspect many others too. My perfect scenario would be to destroy Cortana but replace her. As our community member Dr Halsey stated, she cannot simply be reset as some have suggested, she has gone too far and there has to be consequences.

I think there is hope of a "new" Cortana. The game's Dr Halsey had more than one AI cloned from her own brain, most of the AI she cloned died, but I know Cortana had a sister called Kalmiya, she was on Reach too. I suspect there could be more clones, or an earlier form of Cortana's matrix as Dr Halsey is not the most ethical of scientists. This is just my own perfect resolution though.
There was a /v/ AMA with someone who claimed to be a former 343 employee and sounded fairly convincing, who explained that Cortana in Halo 5 isn't really Cortana, rather it's merely a rampant fragment of her that's been given stability.
Though since this hasn't yet been established in the games, who knows if they'll follow through with the concept
I for one believe in the Logic Plague theory. This new evil Cortana is a Thrall of the Gravemind, just as Medicant Bias was.

Logic plague. Wonder if that was inspired by the Logic Virus from Nier Automata or vice versa?
I just hope that they make sense with the Halo Infinite and not divide the fan base as most modern games do. Halo Ce, 2, 3 and reach were my favourite and I still play them. But I just hope it all makes sense at the end. Yes there are some theories that, that was a fake Cortana in Halo 5 or that it was infected by the gravemind (Pretty good theory) or that se was healed by the forerunners and they corrupted her or somewhat or she just decided to join them. Here is the video explaing the Logic Plague :
Unfortunately, her finished arc thanks to Halo 4 was ruined with 5. But, with that in mind, I think there could be interesting things they can do with her character in Infinite while gaining back the respect of what her character used to be and what she meant to Master Chief.

Cortana in Halo 5 is clearly not herself. She is driven by power and yearns for the Mantle of Responsibility. This could be interpreted as a continuation of her rampancy or more simply being infected by the logic plague like Mendicant Bias. Something that with proper lore development, can be reversible. I wouldn't mind that starting in Infinite, you have a new AI character by your side on a quest to retrieve Cortana on Zeta Halo and snap her out of it. That new AI is the AI we saw Chief insert into his armor at the end of the Infinite E3 2018 trailer, not Cortana. And by the penultimate end of the campaign, we get her back and finish one last mission with her by our side with whomever main enemy of the game is.

Could be a cool idea, so long as 343 handles the lore aspect of however she would be able to snap out of it well.
I'm not gonna name names but someone that sounds a lot like Myron Lead really screwed the pooch with Halo 5's story.

It was touched upon above, but the only theory I can somewhat get behind is that at the end of Halo 4, the battle against the Didact split Cortana into multiple copies. The true, sane Cortana died from sealing Chief in the hardlight to protect him from the nuke (somehow). Then there were maybe another dozen rampant copies that all got incinerated or just died from rampancy, but one of them falls into the slipspace portal near the Composer and winds up on Genesis, where she is "healed" by the Domain, and goes on to raise the Guardians and cause all the problems in Halo 5.

Contrived as anything, but whatever. I don't even know what kind of resolution to give to this Cortana because no option seems right IMO. It needs to be established that she's not the same one from the earlier games, and then it would be easier to kill her. At the same time, maybe Chief gets a new AI, perhaps a new Cortana model or something, but you can't use Cortana's sister or any other AI's from Reach because they too would have faced rampancy and been preemptively shut down. Recall that it was proposed that Cortana is the only AI that can be saved because she was born as a clone of Dr. Halsey. (So maybe the Sister actually could happen now that I think of it.)

But bottom line, I don't see any resolution to this Cortana ordeal, ie how to stop the current one and how to give Chief a new AI companion without some serious stretches in storytelling. Its just not easy at this point.
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