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[Locked] Extremely buggy(for me)

OP RoboTomo56

I can see why they have a halo app. It would be useful for on the go stuff you would do on waypoint. The only thing is, it's super buggy. For example, everytime I try to look at one of my games or one of my friends games, it shows someone in my Spartans company's games and that's the only person it would show! I would use this app more if it were fixed because right now my laptop needs to be replaced and I need to use waypoint!
Hmm, why are apps from 343 so buggy! Halo Channel for the Xbox one is super buggy as well.
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Ahora todo es mas facil por el celular, 343 animense
Now everything is easier for the cell phone, 343 animense
The definitly need something like Bungie's app..
Back in Halo 3 it was super easy and convienent to use the app
Please don't revive old topics, thanks