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Halo App - HW2 Bugs and Crashes Mega Thread

OP Lord o Schwa

Hi All,

Lord O Schwa here - One of the Devs for the Halo App.

We're keenly aware that many of you are having issues trying to Sign in the to the App, or when trying to launch the App and play Halo Wars 2.

First off, We're sorry that this is happening and we're working to remedy this situation the best that we can.


The Halo App Just Crashes

This is when you Launch Halo Wars 2 an then Halo App launches and then crashes :(

We've already made some changes on our end that should hopefully mitigate this issue for some of you that are having the Halo App crash immediately upon it being launched.

We believe that we have a problem with how were displaying Blitz Packs within the app, so we've made them not load immediately on that page.

If you're experiencing this problem can you please post in this thread that your App is crashing on launch from Halo Wars 2 along with your Screen Resolution and your DPI Scaling.

Sign in Issues

We're still investigating this issue, but we recommend that you try signing in through the Xbox App, or try restarting your machine to see if it improves. Watch here for updates to this issue.

Can you also post here that you're experiencing the Sign-in Issue.

Again we're sorry for these issues and working to improve them as quickly as possible.

Lord O Schwa
Something went wrong error how do I fix this .... this sucks
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I'm experiencing the sign in issue, where upon launching Halo Wars 2, a grey box/window pops up for a brief moment and disappears. When I try to sign in to an account, the box/window does the same quick flash and disappearing act. I am logged into my main Xbox Live account on the Xbox App, and have restarted my computer multiple times with now fix. I've also uninstalled the Xbox App and Windows Applications through Powershell, and then reinstalled them through a reboot. I then reinstalled Halo Wars 2 hoping for a fix, but alas, the sign in issue continues. I've done everything on my part to fix the sign in issue, it has nothing to do with my hardware, or anything that isn't installed correctly or updated. There has to be an update for the PC version, and hopefully it comes soon. (I followed the same procedures for the Halo App, but I still can't sign in either with the disappearing box/window that I'm assuming is for profile selection)
It's July of 2017 and I am still experiencing this issue
Still experiencing the issue and its October.
Issue still persists :V