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In iOS 10 doesn't work

OP espartan0144

I got the game to my iPhone 6s that it's running iOS 10 and every single time that I use the app it get down, I have tried all: delete the app and download again, turn off the phone and turn on, close the app a billion of times... and after all it keeps crashing, some help please?
Same goes for me. iOS 10, iPhone 7. I contacted apple for a refund. Wasn't able to fix it
Yeah same. I have iOS 10 iPhone 7 and the app crashes all the time. Ecspecialy when opening it.

i have the same problem what should I do and it's gose for the older one too I have both games in my iPhone 7 none of them is working 😢
It may be a question for developers to answer. I've tried deleting and reinstalling but it still kept crashing on me. Haven't been able to play it since. (iPhone 6s)
I have this same problem I just bought the bundle and nothing it won't work and I can't find an email for the developer. So pissed
Have been having this problem as well.
I'm having the same problem. Can't play on my iPhone 7 Plus :(
Same here for both games on iOS 10.2.1 (iPhone 7). MS should not be allowed to sell these games on the AppStore until they fix them.
I also run iOS 10 on my iPhone 6s. I am not pleased with not being able to play a game from my favorite franchise. I may be loosing my interest in spending any more money in the Halo franchise.
It works fine for me. Don't skip the intros. Ever. Ever. Otherwise it crashes and won't reboot. Also try and free memory on iPad
Just tap on screen as soon as you open the app until you reach the 343 logo, and dont skip the intros and it should work after a couple tries