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[Locked] Keyboard Controls Don't Work (Spartan Strike)

OP Dragon l3ourne

I've reinstalled the game twice, but every time I go to start the first mission none of the controls respond. I can only click on things.... Please help
Was the computer originally 8.1 or and upgrade? Are all the drivers updated? Do you have a touch screen that is over riding the keyboard? Did you check for gremlins?
Same problem here, are you perhaps playing on a laptop? I've only heard of laptop users having this problem. :/ Gamepad works just fine.
So because I BOUGHT this for my laptop then I'm just -Yoink- out of luck??? Awesome. I want my money back if you don't fix this -Yoink- problem. Thanks
I'm having the exact same problem on my laptop. It didn't happen until after I played it with an old xbox 360 controller. I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not.
bump, similiar problem here. The game doesn't detect my Keyboard and Mouse. I can only play with my Touch Screen on my laptop. I found a way to make the game detect my mouse by deactivating the touch screen on my pc, but the game still doesn't detect the keyboard.
Hi guys.I think I may have stumbled across something which made the keyboard and mouse work for me. I have a MSI g72 dominator laptop only a month old. I upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10. Purchased spartan strike from steam. Everyone with laptops seem to be having issues with the keyboard with this game, with a large portion of them with laptops and windows 10. So I searched and found this article its about making older programs compatible with windows 10. So step by step this is what I did:1. Searched in windows for Run programs made for previous versions of Windows (the location for this is in your control panel.
2. Once opened then I clicked next and selected STEAM from the list of programs that you can select and then clicked next.
3. Then I selected use try recommended settings.
4. Once those settings had been applied I closed STEAM and then clicked test program. (You cant go any further unless you test the program, which you need to do because the solution I found comes later.) (Still again after the test no luck with spartan strike.)
5. So next window I click No, try again using different settings.
6. What problems did you experience I clicked the top box The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now. Then click next.
7. Which version of Windows did this program work on before? I selected Windows 8, then clicked next.
8. Of course like before test the program and see if the keyboard or mouse works.
9. Of course for me it still didn't work so I clicked so I clicked next and then, No, try again using different settings.
10 This time I clicked the bottom box, I can't see my problem listed. And then next window I clicked windows 8 and then next.
11.Then it asks what display problems do you experience? I clicked again the bottom box, I can't see my problem listed and then next.
12. Again test the program, and holy -Yoink- omfg it worked, I've never known a windows troubleshooter to do so much magic work but fk me there's always first time.
13. Then I saved the settings, blazed 1 and enjoyed the game :) . happy days and I hope it works for you all.
how come spartan assault works on laptops but spartan strike does not?
Please don't revive old topics thanks