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To address the xbox topic

OP mastergamer015

I have seen numerous threads. Talking about the exact same thing. Will this game be coming to xbox one? It has been 2 years since the games launch. Also seeing as how Spartan Assault didn't sell wonderfully on the xbox versions, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say we aren't going to see it. Anyway if you have played it on windows 10 why would you want to play it for the 3rd time, apart from wanting the achievements like myself.

So please, make this the main thread to post comments regarding a xbox release (which is highly unlikely) rather than creating dozens of the same thread. It clogs up waypoint, and all comments are pretty much repeated throughout these threads. Thanks for understanding.
This is all I came to this forum for. I don't know anyone with a Windows phone or Windows 10. I want to play this game on one of the Xbox consoles I already bought (360 or One). I don't want the Steam version with no achievements either. Spartan Assault was a whole lot of fun on the 360. The twin stick controls worked great, and I can't even understand how it could be feasible on a phone's touch screen. If they are going to spend the time and resources to re-release Halo Wars 1 on another console, why not this much smaller game??
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I don't think with how long this question has been asked your post will cause anybody to change to only posting here.