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Halo Channel App or Halo App

OP FireGOKU 24

So, was wondering is the Halo Channel App on my Xbox One outdated or is the Halo App supposes to replace it? If so how do I get the Halo App because when I bought Halo Wars 2 last year it tried to install the Halo App on my Xbox One but it always stopped and said download failed over and over again. So, over time I just canceled the download since it wouldn’t install.
Really nobody has a answer 😠
I honestly think no one really knows. I think halo channel is still the app for xbox but I find it's really buggy and sometimes just doesn't want to work. I haven't really used it that much so I can't really say for sure but Halo Channel is the most recent I believe.

EDIT: I actually just found out the Halo App is the most recent one but it is only for windows 10
Oh, ok well hopefully It comes to the Xbox soon because the Halo channel feels like it never gets a update any more like the MCC.
The halo app is used to launch all halo games on pc. The halo channel is just another form of relaying media and info to us.