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[Locked] H4 Servers Down

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Halo 4 has been constantly kicking my friends and I out of matchmaking games. We continously have to restart our Halo 4 discs, and it keeps saying "You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox LIVE, you must be connected to Xbox LIVE to play.". The other message is "Information could not be retrieved from xbox live". Lastly, most of the time it doesn't even let us start searching in any gamemode. Please, if a moniter is reading this we would all appreciate it if you can have this looked into. Thanks for reading
After hours of issues, there´s not any response yet. I hope some admin respond as soon as possible...

I can 2nd this guy. I keep restarting my game and it says, "You appear to have lost connection to server" when I am totally online! Wtf??! I can play halo 3 with no problem. I even deleted and re downloaded my game, also clear the cache. But still not connecting.
Same here. Seems like they're having similar problems with Reach and Halo 3, but to a milder extent.
Halo 4 is now completely down for me. I don't know if this has anything to do with MCC being updated and wanting people to go over and play that instead.
Halo 4 is down for me in N.C. It has been down for days. Every other game I play on LIVE works fine, I go to game mode and choose what I want to play. It says I lost connection to LIVE ( but I can still play other games on live immediately after it says this) Please fix ASAP... I need my tendencies pleased. *itches arm*
Been having issues for the last couple months with losing my live connection while waiting to get into a game on Halo 4 but REAL bad the last few days to where I can't even start matchmaking. Microsoft is clueless, hopefully somebody from 343 will let us know wtf is going on
Same problem here. All other games are working.
It's down for us too in Canada 😖
Me to.... Problem is the matchmaking games are not fully loading and at the bottom of screen it keeps saying "Information could not be retrieved from Xbox Live" This has been going on for about 3 days now. Xbox Live Status webpage says everything is working normal. I have reset everything and signed in and out. Nat type is set to OPEN.