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Halo 3 Multiplayer DLC Required

OP Doc Cobraa

I recently started playing Halo 3 again via backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I got an update message saying playlists now require you to have the DLC installed, since it is free. However, Social Slayer does not require it, and everyone only plays that. Because of this, you never get any DLC maps. Other playlists do not require it either (Multi-team in Social Playlists, and Lone Wolves and Team Slayer in Ranked Playlists). What's the point of forcing it on only certain playlists, instead of all of them? The DLC is free anyways, so having it forced isn't an issue. This really needs to be fixed, so not only DLC maps can be played in Social Slayer, but also so people start playing other Playlists like Social Big Team.
I agree. I play Halo 3 multiplayer sometimes (usually stick to campaign) but, I would like to have some DLC maps in the mix as well. Usually I end up playing on Last Resort, Valhalla, and Construct with the occasional Guardian thrown in the mix. I know the game is almost 12 years old but I know I’d still love to see it supported while I can still play the original version.