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Halo 4 Back Compat disc issues?

OP JOS5893

I have a question about Halo 4 in Xbox one. Most people might remember that some (if not most) Halo 4 physical discs came broken. What i mean is, they would work for some time and then for no apparent reason, they wouldn't work anymore. This happened to me twice, i bought the game two times and it stopped working (disc intact), then i finally gave up and just stopped playing it. My question is: Will those discs that stopped functioning for no reason work with the xbox one when it is backcompat? or will i have to buy YET ANOTHER disc? Obviously at this point the smart thing to do would be getting the game digitally, but back then it wasn't as popular as it is today. All i want to know is if i'm going to have to buy the game a THIRD time to enjoy it. If anyone has any information on this please share. Thanks a lot.
Halo 4 isn't backwards compatible (for now), so we have no problem. I think you should install the game before it gets broken or something. I had no problem with my halo 4 game of the year edition, so i don't know your pain. I think digital edition will always be our best friend
I think i'll try that, i had one day one edition, and one Game of the year edition and they both just stopped working for no reason, hopefully this doesn't happen on the Xbox One, thanks for the input man.