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[Locked] Halo 4 servers are down

OP zvenom91

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343i isn't listening – today, less than 60 players in Team Slayer.
What bothers me the most is the lack of attention. It's not like we're setting a date for them to make the servers work again, we just want information about why is so broken. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.
I too cannot play the X360 version either. I have a friend who has yet to get an Xbox One and this is the only way I can play with her. Are they offline for good or?
It appears that 343 has made their billion dollars and run away. I guess they don't think that a purchased product should have lifetime support. We will remember this the next time they want to sell us a product. There are way to many other products out there that are supporting their patrons. I guess I will have to join them and bail on my XBOX. I only want to play Halo 4 multi player on my xbox.
I have tried everything to see if "it's me" ... I tried two different routers, turned off all custom settings (factory defaults), tried plugging DIRECTLY INTO CABLE MODEM, tried connecting Xbox One to an Ethernet cable (no WiFi), even tried an LTE hotspot (to eliminate any issue with my Comcast connection). I've run multiple diagnostic tools WHILE PLAYING H4 and see no dropped packets or interrupted Internet connection. This HAS to be on the backend. If they're not going to support it, they should just shut it down instead of this poor game play experience.
I agree with all of the above... If they're not going to fix it, shut it down. End my frustrations.
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the halo 4 servers have been broke for months for me and everyone i know i recently tried to get bak on the game after being off for like a year just wanted to get bak into playing flood or team action sack or even big team battle like old times but nope still keeps disconnecting constantly i think i managed to get 1 game of team swat in the last 4 months and the saddest part about all of this is that the halo reach servers r still up yes it restarts the search alot or sends 1 or more ppl to their own match but at least its playable unlike halo 4 wat the heck happened to this game its the best halo game out there with the exception of halo 2 but we cant play that one online with other ppl since its a regular xbox game sadly all ik is someone needs to pay attention to their games servers cause this this is not okay in the slightest
Halo 4 continues to disconnect me and I want 343 to answer this thread if they can. I will continue to monitor this as us Halo 4 Diehards are committed to not going forward with Halo MCC., I at times will log out and log in 10 times a night to play 10 to 11 games, that means a log out inbetween every game. Some nights it works decent, other nights it's terrible I'm trying to keep this civilized but I'm not happy about this. I'll be happy if Halo infinite is a upgrade of 4 and not quite like 5 maybe then I'll be at peace. But the network on this game is not going to be fixed I'm afraid
I hate how they are trying to get people off of the Xbox 360 and 360 games toove to modern games.

360 console and games are way better than the One anyway.
Halo 4 is easily my most played game of all time. I'd love to get those servers back up, because I never got to finish unlocking all my commendations and achievements. The MCC version of this game is a joke, because there's essentially nothing to work for - no armor variants, no customization options, nothing. Please bring the servers back online for Halo 4 - if it can be done for Reach and 3, it can't be that hard to keep them up on Halo 4.
I have played my fare share of H4, but never ran into that kind of shis :/

How ever in H reach this happens to me all the time, and figured out that rather than servers it seems to be about the old potato (AKA xbox 360) having trouble registering my Xbox live account as, well, live. :3
For me it always helps to return to the main lobby/Xbox home, sign in and out, and go again. :)

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Same thing happens to me, its a shame as Halo 4 MP is actually fun and I still got some achievements left in the game to get.
So close to reaching the max rank, really hope the servers get fixed
So Halo 4 is slowly getting worse and worse, now requiring me log in and out of my profile several times a night to have a rock solid connection to their servers. At this rate if it gets any worse I think we will unfortunately be stuck playing Halo MCC but the problem is no one searches for Halo 4 Big Team maps on those servers leading to waiting often times 5 mins to find just 1 game. It would be nice to have this legacy title be more updated and refreshed as time goes on so ping times aren't in the thousands. 343 needs to get this updated and reset their servers to get good connections for the Community. Thanks
Halo 4 servers are doing the same thing as reach servers at the moment
Same happens to me and a friend. We are trying to get back to max rank in every Halo but Halo 4 won't let us get in a game, because everytime before the game is about to start we "lost connection to xbox Live" but the Xbox One is having connection.
Please provide help !
That bug pops up constantly on the 360. That's why I bought an Xbox one it never happens on the Xbox One and Halo 4's population is so dead there's less than 100 players and it's only been nearly 7 years since the game released, I can't even handle playing Halo 4 MCC it's really unfair and the ping is so bad in my country Korea there's no armor customization, Just basic armor and Basic nameplate colors. Halo Infinite is 343's last chance to improve the Halo fans
Halo 4 is still kicking me offline every night I play. IDK if 343 is going to fix it with MCC having difficulties as well but I want to be able to play Halo 4 for as long as I want without having the glitch saying I'm disconnected. If I'm disconnected I should only be disconnected if Xbox Live says I'm offline. I would also love to know what the update was for on Halo 4 on Xbox live that happened last week
It is september 2019, i have the same problems with servers, this is the only Halo game I have, and I like it. But i hate having to deal with this bullcrap. Guys, I'd give up on 343 doing anything about it.
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