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[Locked] Halo 4 Servers Disconnect


Hello 343i and whoever reads this,
I am a fellow Halo 4 player and I just wanted to know if 343i could please fix the issues we're having with getting disconnected from Xbox Live on Halo 4.

Description of the Issue
-Like someone mentioned before, there are two messages that players get when they get disconnected: "You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox LIVE, you must be connected to Xbox LIVE to play.". and "Information could not be retrieved from xbox live".
-No one can search any playlist when the message shows up.
-It just recently got worse, because it is about 8PM CDT when I'm writing this, and there would usually be about 100 people in the team slayer playlist online right now, and at the moment there is ONLY 30 people in team slayer!

Why it Happens
-when players match for a game

How we've tried to solve the issue
-making sure NAT rating is set to OPEN
-making sure networking settings are set to Xbox Live
-restarting halo 4
-restarting the xbox
-restarting the wifi router, modem, trying a different router and modem, and even calling the internet company to reset internet
-going to system > storage > clear local saved games and clear local xbox 360 storage
-calling xbox troubleshooting department
-redownloading my profile and having Xbox's troubleshoot department restart my profile from their end
-clearing mac address
Basically every possible trouble shooting issue that confirms its not on the user's end. It's something in the games code, or something that has to do with the servers.

Also, here is an imgur link to a picture of the issue (I hope it doesn't get blocked via the forum post form validation:

All of the players that have been playing this game for years all basically know each other and really love the game. So this game means a lot to us. Please fix this issue or talk to someone who can.

Thank you
Other reasons it happens:
-when player search in matchmaking
-when player search in matchmaking and back out to the search lobby
-when players start the game up..
Hopefully it gets fixed soon... the population is dying off due to people not being able to play. I'll be damned if this is the death of Halo 4 lmao
I have the same issue, went through all the troubleshooting tips, changed router and tried a different Xbox 360. Googled problem bur no results until I came across this site. Looks like the problem is with the Halo servers. Thanks for this info as it saves me wasting anymore time trying to resolve. Xbox live and 343 should make users aware as I sure lots of people will screw their router settings going through the MS procedures which rarely work in any case whatever the issue.