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Halo CE Anniversary Co-op No Save Data

OP Sairuna

As the title states, I don’t have any save data for the game.

My fiancé and I got the Xbox 360 disk a few days ago and we finished two missions together on legendary and got some achievements. When we started the game two days later, we didn’t have any save progress. I’ve read that co-op can’t be saved however I’ve also read that it’s possible to save the progress as long as you do it a certain way. I would like a clear answer to this, If we have to play it all again, that really sucks. We’re not ones for playing a whole game in one sitting. We played the game on our Xbox One X, and it was running smoothly too.

Also, do all the Xbox 360 Halo games operate like this? You would think that they would have an update to fix that, if that’s the case.

Are you guys both playing on the one Xbox and no other console? You might have issues if you switch back and forth between different Xboxes.

You cannot save checkpoints in co-op as far as I’m aware, but your progress is saved at the end of each level. So if you don’t beat a level in one sitting, you’ll have to start from the beginning of that level the next time you play.
We are playing on one console with our own accounts. We completed the first two levels and even started the third to ensure the other two saved. But they didn’t.
Are you saying that the levels stay locked?
All my levels are locked and all my progress is lost between playing Halo CEA on 360 to Xbox One as well. As far as I know, there is no fix for this.
Yeah, happened to me as well. Played trough Truth and Reconcilitation all the way to Two Betrayals on Coop Legendary just to see today that all of that progress and time didn't save, this is honestly embarrassing that such a breaking bug never got fixed even after almost 9 years it went completely ignored. So yeah, it sucks.