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Raider Torso Code Not Working


Long story short by entry, yes I'm late finishing the Halo 4 game and I can explain why in 2019. My parents thought I had Halo 4 and they bought a guide book at a garage sale. I didn't have Halo 4, since I stopped at Halo Reach. So later I got Halo 4 for Christmas for being 31 years old playing it. I was like ok, I'll play it. Ended up liking the photorealistic visuals at times even though it was on Xbox 360 (I'm more of a PC Gamer so no Xbox One) and the story was meh. Anyways, just finished Halo 4 on Legendary Solo online. Had one disconnect, but I wasn't far into the level so I restarted the level after I reset the cable modem and got back online. On Waypoint it shows 8/8 level completed on Legendary and I even can provide proof if necessary? The raider torso code simply won't work! I even have the Mark VI armor unlocked. Seriously I can't track what I missed exactly that the game didn't count and I saw it count fully online. This is ridiculous! I remember the old days like in Halo 3, armor unlocked offline after a certain level and difficulty. Really I don't want to play through a particular level again. There has to be a bug in Waypoint, because I saw every bit count after level was finished. Gosh do I have to play through it again, because I don't have a clue what level it didn't count. I swear I saw 1-8 completed.

EDIT: Do I have to do Spartan Ops 'Sniper Alley' or is this a different variation of the raider torso armor?
Yeah I answered my own question I'm assuming that I have to do Spartan Ops 'Sniper Alley'. Also Campaign Legendary (Solo), which is completed.

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