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OP Ampmaster10

Hi I'm new, and I need some help I took some screen shots for halo 4 and reach and I relly want to upload them to my computer. But I don't know how.
Hello, depending on what console you’re on there are different methods.

  1. If you’re on the Xbox One, you can simply use the “Xbox screenshot” feature by clicking on the home button and then clicking the “Y” button. This then takes a screenshot of your current game screen. As for retrieving options, you could rather upload them to OneDrive (you’d have to share it from the console first), or get them off of under your screenshots tab
  2. if you’re on Xbox 360, its going to be a little more difficult depending what internet application you use. I believe it works on Firefox and certain instances of iOS Safari. The link to your browser should be (Gamertag being where you’d put your gamertag, not the actual word itself ) Then you should be able to view screenshots you add to your file share from the game. The download button should carry the shots over to a separate webpage where you can save it to your computer.
Hope this was able to help you a bit, if there’s still any confusion feel free to message me and I’ll be more than happy to help.