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[Locked] Compare stats includes customs

OP BIGVince042

Right now, when you compare stats with someone, it includes custom games.

How is that logical? Custom games shouldn't be accounted for when comparing.

I for one, am only doing customs when I wanna mess around with friends.

What do you think?
No one cares?
I care. :-)

The issue is now resolved - we only count matchmaking in compare now.

Thanks a lot for the feedback BIGVince042 - we hope that you enjoy Halo 4 Stats. Let us know if you have any other feedback.

Halo Waypoint Team
Thank you, it means a lot to me.
Where can I find the compare function? I want to compare the stats in halo 5 with my company members
Please don't revive 7 year old topics thanks. I believe the comparison feature noted above was available via the Halo 4 stats app. I don't believe Halo 5 includes such a feature, but there are 3rd party stats apps and sites that can do that. There is a Discord bot called Halo dBot that can do this if you are in a server with it active