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[Locked] Discord Ban Appeal Shawn#2189

OP Shawn4Japan

Hi, I was just reading through others not knowing that this was happening.

I was banned close to the beginning of the server and I don't know what I did but I know XLR8 doesn't like me, I'd like to be unbanned and be a valuable community member to the Halo discord. Especially since I'm in Japan and the populations already low over here, it'd be nice to be in the biggest discord for my favorite game again.

I'm not sure what informations necessary but see people posting their Discord user ID's.


snickerdoodle 🙏🏼
Comedic Hermit 🙏🏼
stckrboy 🙏🏼
(unrelated but if there are no ARG/decryption going on would you make something up now as part of the team? big fan. Was just getting into it when it all ended 💢)
Is their any update to this?
When your case was reviewed you'd used variants of slurs on at least two occasions as such your ban falls under discriminatory content. Bans for discriminatory content are not up for review at this time.