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Halo 2 PC Key expired

OP Trexosaurustron

I recently tried to install my Halo 2 GFWL disc onto a new system (a cool little handheld pc I got - so I'm pretty keen to play H2 on the go) and it turns out I have exceeded the five uses you get with the disc.

A pop-up message provides a number to ring but it turns out this line is no longer active.

Is there any current way to get a new key? I can't see anything from google searches that doesn't require a dodgy workaround...

343 plz halp.
Please can someone help me with this? I have a copy of the game that I paid for and I would like to be able to use it. Seems absurd that there isn't a widely available solution since MS support is of little use for older games.

Is there a way to contact 343 directly to explain the issue and get a new key?