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[Locked] Halo 3 Backwards comp. Problem

OP Hanraph

Does someone know what do?
I can't play multiplayer? Ive installed halo 3 and 4 from my 360 disks into my xboxone and it did an ''update'' for both games, but when i go to play it says '' you are not connected to xbox live'' and, well I am, and it did not install any maps or anything, I thought they were free, weren't they?
Any help??
Same here. I've installed it and when I got into the matchmaking menu a sign appears and says: you're not connected to xbox live.. choose a profile. So I choose my profile with a subscription untill 2018 and the screen drops another sign that says "seems like your profile does not have permission to play on xbox live, choose a profile with a subscription. I don't know what to do.