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Halo 3 Unban Help

OP Reload After 4x

So I really want to purchase Halo 3 for the Xbox One now that it is backwards compatible, but then I remembered that I'm probably still banned from the game. Unfortunately, I was pretty dumb about 5-6 years ago when I got permanently banned and tried to cheat the system for no good reason. I really do apologize and am completely difference from my 15-16 year old self, I just want to play the game for fun with the friends I played with back in the day. Is there any way someone at 343i could unban me so I can make that happen? Would seriously appreciate it more than y'all know. Thanks to anyone that can help!
Sorry OP, but if you account got banned due to modding then it won't be unbanned. Those kinds of bans are automatically handed out and aren't reversable