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[Locked] Halo Reach Armor Stuck at default?

OP RagingPrepper

I signed into my Xbox account on my friend's Xbox, then deleted it off his later. I redownloaded my profile on my Xbox, and went onto reach.

I still have all my armor and my rank, but I'm stuck at recruit and the default armor for actual games.

How can I fix this?
I don't think u can. Rumours about bungie shutting servers down because they need to consentrate on destiny. But u should get servers back soon cuz 343 are sorting them out. 😛I like halo reach too but was heart broken when I found out the servers were being shut down. 😪
Reach servers aren't shutting down. Until 343 announce that they are, don't believe everything you hear on YouTube. There have been some server issues in the past few days which were being worked on
Ah. I see... thanks, I'll just keep checking halo reach for when there active again then.
Got fixed a while ago, turns out the servers were temp down, so it couldn't connect to pull armor data.
Fantastic to hear