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[Locked] Halo Reach Is it Dead?

OP TheKamilien

its been over 7 years now since halo reach has been released. I've lately been trying to play halo reach but on some game modes there isn't enough players to start up a match. Has Halo Reach's time finally came to an end?
The top playlists are Team Slayer, Team SWAT, Big Team Battle, Invasion, Infection, and Grifball, Also Team Slayer is the most populated so you might have to choose that one if you aren't finding games in other playlists, If you aren't finding games in that, its probably your connection.
*edit: Xbox live has a bit wonky the past few days. It might be because of that
There is a large discussion thread in the Halo Reach forums regarding this right now OP, it's not dead yet :)