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[Locked] Halo Reach Limited Edition Code Issue

OP Bryce Jr

I rencently purchased a copy of Halo Reach Limited Edition for the collectibles and the Elite officer and I redeemed the code and downloaded the content but the elite officer appeared no where in game. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and talked to a few Xbox support members and they directed me here to try and find out if it’s a game issue or a code redemption issue.

Edit: Also just to clarify, the code worked and it shows that I have limited edition content installed but again the Elite officer isn’t appearing anywhere in the customization menu. If any one has had similar issues or can offer any insight in to this issue it would be appreciated.
My Problem Has Been Fixed
I wish I knew why but I logged on and the Elite officer was finally there :) If someone else ever has this problem I think uninstalling and reinstalling is your best bet even if it doesn’t work immediately.
Nice job, how did u still find one with working code? :D
Thought they would be rare already.
Glad to see you got your issue solved OP, feel free to open another topic if you still need help with anything