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[Locked] What Halo is supposed to be

OP epicspartanS117

Halo is Classic, Halo was the game that revolutionized the fun in gaming by a whole new level. Halo to me is boring when its just you and other online people that you don't know, but when it comes to split-screen this breaks the boundaries in fun. Games have become rare with split-screen because companies like 343 will not listen to people for what they have to say about their games which really disappoints me unlike Bungie who actually listens to their players and changes what needs to be changed according to their players. 343 has made the most ridiculous decision that any company has done remove tradition. Halo to me is my favorite split screen game ever! It has given me so many good moments with my friends in firefight, custom games and can we forget campaign. I mean come on 343 really is this really the right decision according to us players. I have looked on Twitter, Facebook, and i've seen so many pictures of cancelled Halo 5 orders and this should at least be a message. I was so excited for Halo 5 with all the new weapons and vehicles, but the whole time I was believing that 343 would add split screen because I knew that from tradition, but finding out about this made me disappointed and sad that i would not be able to relive these epic, funny moments with my friends. So I conclude to this Halo is supposed to be a game to sit down on the couch with your friends and have some fun!
There's already a split-screen thread.