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Wrong language on Nightfall videos

OP Succ The GFuel

So recently, after purchasing Nightfall, I've had some buffering problems with the show. So after i closed and restarted the app, it would be playing back in what appears to be French. I've tried exiting out of the video and going back in, I've tried restarting the app, and I've even tried restarting my Xbox. Since i hardly ever use the Halo Channel, I've never encountered this problem before, and this is extremely frustrating since all u want is to get the damn Nightfall armor for Halo 5, and still be able to watch and enjoy the series.
A work around for the issue would be to watch the vids on youtube. For the story. Then just let the vids play out on the halo app. You go off and do something. This might yield you the armour at the end. However there is a possibility that you might not receive the armour set at all. If you don't however you can still get it as it's in the req pool. Grinding the req packs shouldn't take too long.