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2 things bugging me as of late


I know no one cares but two things bug me on this game.
1- The drops what the heck is going on here. I get booted every other game I swear. It says game is out of sync. Is this cause I am on a Xbox series X now. What is going on?
2- 50% of this community is terribly toxic. Getting a "EZ" Message after getting dropped is so annoying.
Lastly, This game is great. I wish they could fix the drops though. Let me know your thoughts
Yeah this game has issues when someone is on the Xbox Series X that causes long load times against people not on it, and frequent disconnects. Your best option is to switch back to your Xbox One.
You have to be toxic, you have to teach people there is more important things in life than the power node.
I get dropped out of every other game for not in sync. 343 industries need to fix this.