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A way to encourage better gameplay

OP Ramrod the 1

so I have noticed that people complaining about who they are paired up with and how the matchmaking sets up player together unfairly, and also how when they win the percentage is low and when they lose they the percentage they lose is a lot and that got me thinking.
why not have some sort or reward system for players at the end of the match (who obviously stay in till the end of the match)

my idea is on the summary page at the end of the game, award any player who has gained one of the 6 stars (for most power gathered, most units killed, etc) a bonus percentage to their win. that would encourage player to try to do their best even if they are not on a team that they wanted to be on. Similarly if they are on the losing team the percentage would soften the blow of how much they lose that round hence encouraging the best playing one player can do with a badly set up match of players

be kind its my first time posting here
I think some of your ideas have merit, but not a fan of requiring people to stay to very end.

Old school rts philosophy has always been that it is rude to stay in a game that is clearly decided as you are wasting your opponents time.