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About the servers

OP SnakyClient171

I just don't understand it. I've been grinding, playing 1v1 for a long time, and managed to get diamond 6 10%, and so my very next game, i'm managing to win. Then what happens you might ask? The servers crash, and bring me down to diamond 5 50% because the servers are terrible, Seriously, this is why people get tired of this game. Things like this along with the terrible team matchmaking are reasons why this game is suffering. It's silly to lose so much because 343 servers are trash, honestly, the servers have been meh for a while, how hard could it possibly be to fox them. So stupid, a 60% loss because of 343, nice job. To add to that, the next game I played, I only gained 2%. Completely idiotic
I can rant too, I was diamond six 90% and now I am almost diamond two in 3v3... Why? because of crashes and the horrible players I keep playing with.
My highest Diamond 6 was obliterated by being matched with a champion on my team (yay?) that left at the 20 sec mark to go play with his friends :(

Oh well, if you solo queue, you just can't care much of rank.
The truth is you don't care about your rank at any level, it's not hard to get number 1 champion as long as you are willing to abuse the system.