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OP Dirtybird391100

I love Halo Wars 2, it really put a spin on the foundation Halo Wars 1 set. Because of this I've had some pretty good games and some action packed games. I'd like too know the story behind everyone's favorite game they've played in Halo Wars 2. I'll start first.

There I was an ashes, I was Kinsano and my friend went Jerome. We were planning on rushing with marines and flamethrowers. We were gonna take the teleport over to their base as it was the quickest way there, once we were ready we went to their side of the map and started attacking, about halfway through their bases health we were wondering where they were, they weren't defending. And at that moment they launched a full on counterattack on our base! We were going up against a Isabel and a Arbiter and their army was much more advanced than ours, Arbiter had Enforcers which had been upgraded once and the Isabel had marines and snipers, we now have two options. Try to defend our base, or take the base trade and kill their base at the cost of ours. We ended up going with the secret third option. Sending half of our troops through the teleport and the rest kept killing the base. The reason why we did this was too free up some population so that way we could train counter units. Once they kill my friends secondary base we've already killed their mains and we were able to build a base to keep up from being eliminated. I started training snipers and my friends kept going combat tech marines with a few snipers. For the next half hour it is spent base trading and whittling away their army. But it all came down to power nodes. We couldn't advance in tech or really reinforce our army as every time we got a base they would get a base and we would base trade. But we were all fighting for the middle power node. Being able to gain power without having to have any generators was crucial as you couldn't have a base for too long so we fought long and hard for power node advantage. We went to re-capture the power node. We expected resistance but usually they only had a portion of their army their as too not waste too many troops, however this time it was different. As soon as we started capping they flanked from both sides with their full sized army. We weren't expecting it and soon the numbers of population were dropping. However things aren't too bad. With how many counter units we have we are actually starting too gain some ground. And then it happened. What seemed to be a tier 3 Mac blast(Maybe tier 2 IDK, I just know it was able to kill everyone) came down and wiped up our army. After that they marched towards our bases and took them. We didn't win, but the strategy was so real and for a moment it felt like real life, granted I killed all of my soldiers but the feeling was still there. This was when I started to actually get addicted to the game so a few mistake were made. However, this is by far the best game I've played in HW2 in the regular playlist. Blitz is a whole other story.


Yours don't have to be that long but you get the point, thanks for reading!
We had someone attack us with like 10 or so Goliaths only to have them erased in about 10 seconds by Hunter's Brand and Ring of Fire.

It was a good time lol
Favorite has to be when all hope was lost but a final flank attack the main base turned the game around at minute 63 of an intense 1v1
Highway. Be Atriox. Against some UNSC weeaboo trash Cutter. Laugh at the puny humans and their inferior race. Fend off the Captain's useless assaults. "Hahahaha! Luck! Treachery! These are the only reasons you still live, Cutter! Very well, I admire your spirit, captain, but you've just sentenced your little ship to oblivion". Send FOURTY AT A TIME full pop of hammer brutes to end him rightly. Bask in the glory of victory. NOT TROLL;REALLY HAPPENED.