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Any plans about TFF?

OP Valky 115 Qc

This gamemode along with AtN has been released nearly a year ago.
TFF has barely changed since it's debut.

My issues with this mode.

- Siege and AA is the only viable strat for most Leaders.
- Kinsano and Isabel are awful.
- Johnson, Anders and Serina have been the best Leaders since launch.
- Direct Air and UNSC Heavy Air are game enders on later waves.
- Trickling is a must to be able to survive and sometimes it's inconsistent.
- Banished Shields are awful compared to UNSC Barricades.
- You need to be UNSC in Solo if you want to go for high scores unless your name is TJ sixtyfour.
- Most patches made the mode harder.
- It's hard to stay at 120 Pop Cap in Co-Op.
- RNG can kill your match with bad wave selection.
- Wave 5 Spartans or Scarab, nuff said.
- Health Capsules have little to no Utility.
- Reinforcements Bonuses are the worst...
- Only Vanilla Units besides Flood.
- ODST Waves are so easy, they end before you even know it.
- Barriers sometimes don't even do their Jobs right.
- Forerunner Bandits on later waves steal so much ressources. (Minor Issue)
(Edit) - Serina Artillery Bug cutting your audio on later Waves, all while emitting a ear-destroying sound while cutting it. (Might be related to Cryo Shells from Kodiaks)
(Edit 2) - Some Leader Powers are useless in this gamemode (Counter-Measures, Spoils of Battle, Non-Ultimate Unit Drops, etc...)
(Edit 3) - On Later Waves, Leader Powers that are damage focused do little damage to the enemy. Notable Examples include Eradication, Glassing Beam, Carpet Bomb and MAC Blast. Take note that Powers like EMP MAC Blast, ARK Defense, Cryo Bomb and Plasma Bolt with CoR still have some use.
(Edit 3) - On Later Waves, Barriers get melted if they are not constantly healed. Especially Banished.
(Edit 3) - UNSC gets cheap and upgradable Fences on T1 while Banished has to wait to T2 to get Shields that cost Supplies and Power .
(Edit 3) - Lotus Minefield is useless.
(Edit 3) - Healing Barricades barely heal.
(Edit 3) - Reflect Barriers are useless.
(Edit 3) - There is no way to beat a late game Direct Air Wave without the Terminus and/or Spire taking severe damage.

And most importantly... Why is this gamemode locked behind DLC?
I just wish TFF would get more love, it has so much potential.
I remember one of the devs mentioning that they were going to work on TFF some time ago, but nothing has come of that yet...

The mode really does need more love/work, as it does have potential. But I'm worried that nothing will be done.
There should be dlc units in ttf as going up against launch units gets old fast
I'm not personally fussed about dlc/blitz units being in it. I'd rather that direct air got an "adjustment". Toning down, removed whatever, just something. Also I don't think that balance patches aimed at pvp mp should affect it either. They should be like campaign units.
Feels good to be the king of a dead mode
It's still being worked on.

There was some issues we ran into that are getting resolved. Once that is all done, will be able to do some updates to Terminus Firefight.
Wrensi wrote:
It's still being worked on.

There was some issues we ran into that are getting resolved. Once that is all done, will be able to do some updates to Terminus Firefight.
Good to know!

In regards to TFF playing on Legendary

My hope is that you pay attention to the issues buffing/nerfing for multiplayer has on TFF. The escalating costs of long range artillery, UNSC Heavy Air, and the buffed UNSC Skorpion wave at around 60-65 (Heavy Air wave, Then Skorpion, Then any air wave...) pretty much ends the game. Even with an excellent strat and good micro play. TFF was challenging enough prior to the nerfs to artillery, buffs to Skorpions... what works for multiplayer doesn't exactly parallel in TFF.

TFF feels too heavily weighted toward UNSC now. For instance, a level 6 Skorpion hijacked from wave 60-70 can pretty much handle most waves solo with good micro. Two Level 6 Skorpions and one level 6 Vulture hijacked from wave 60 and up can plow through everything.
Added some new things to the list.