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Anybody else miss disruption bomb?


I know I sure do...
I was thinking at some point a new leader would have this ability. I miss it for sure.
It would be good for the rock-paper-scissors sandbox, and how OP some leader powers can be. I hope it returns!
It actually might be a nice mechanic to stop leader powers.
Disruption bomb was the best
Let's hope that if disruption bomb does make a return, it'll have a faster cool-down timer than the original.
I wonder why they never added it back to begin with.
I would greatly appreciate that.Less over reliance on leader powers, and more consideration on what you build instead.
I do miss it but I also see the reasons for eliminating it. but yea... would be nice to not get eradicated and inferno'd every time I push up =/
A leader focused on disrupting would be interesting.
I miss it. Rather badly in fact.
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