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Arbiter is S Tier

OP Haynesworth92

The Arby is awesome right now the conduit of rage buff makes him viable in all parts of the game, and the plasma bolt is great at taking out
queued shield gens. The arby can even solo a jerome army easily early on. Also his late and mid game are crazy good with the right army pops. You don't even need engineers for heals, and bases fall as if they are made of paper mache. I think he's up there with the best leaders.
totally agree!! I really like arby (favorite leader), but honestly he is too strong now in my opinion!! i think most players expected some more from the last patch 🤷‍♂️
I still miss the one man army arbiter from halo wars 1 so knowing hes back at being good is something that brings me joy.
If he's S tier then why does hardly anyone play him? I never come accross him in 1s or 3s :/
Its kind of hyperbole but he feels real strong right now and he just got buffed less than a week ago.
Arby is still no where near Decimus Level and Plasma bolt is still a pathetic leader power tbh.
Arby's late game has always been good but since his nerf's nobody picks him or due to his lacking early game never made it there. Now you can actually contend and make it to the late game COR 3 is extremely strong. His leader Also heals faster than the Warlord LUL
Enforcer---Phantoms and Infantry lvl 3... Well thats some scary combo
Lets not start calling Arby OP and and start the neft train again plz, Arby is in a good spot yes he's better than we was before the patch and he's not broken when is CoR was super S tier. He needed those buffs to be a viable leader and like L1am said his plasma bolts are still doo doo.