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ATN mission "The Archive"

OP TripleKillB3

I finished this level on heroic only by sending my honor guard through the second-to-last area using the cloak. The Abomination there just destroys my units, and travels fast enough for me to be unable to just escape. Did anyone else have this issue?
Once, (if I am thinking the micro level with a small force of units (few squads of elites and brutes along with hammer hero)) but then I decided to use my collective forces to directly engage the super unit. We defeated it quite quickly with only a few casualties. I chose the path directly south (from auto save) since there is one or two elites there that get in the way. I think quite a few eggs too. I did this on legendary on my first and only play-through thus far.

Let me know if you like anything else?
On legendary I lured him back to the circular area and there with elite rangers posted up the ramp I kited him around chasing Voridus and running through my goo. Also had a cloaked Honor Guard continue to attack him while cloaked
I used a jump squad as a distraction while I kited around it with the rest of my forces.