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Atriox Beginners Build Order

OP L1am Wh1te

Hey Guys,

as most of you probably know i've been doing build orders to cover the basics of all 16 leaders to help new players and lower level players improve at the game aswell. I've been out of the scene for the past few months due to a house move and other lifey things so haven't consistently managed to get these out. Now i'm 70% settled i'm cracking on with the banished video's.
Just posted the New Atriox Video here - Atriox Build Order

I will also be releasing a new HW2 Multiplayer guide before Christmas with ALOT more content, more videos, more build orders along with alot of Units Stats and ALL of the Leader power stats, percentages, buffs and debuffs they provide with costings and cooldowns.

If you haven't already would be awesome if you guys subscribe on youtube and turn on notifications for future videos, or you can join my discord for help and advice - links below. Would be awesome if you follow me on twitch too.