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Atriox double base rush

OP Haynesworth92

Hey guys I was just destroyed by a far better player who used an atriox double base jump pack brute rush in 2v2s. Does anyone know the build I want to try it out personally. The guy had 3 raid camps on his second base would you consider that optimal. TY
Countermeasures > Gen (upgrade) > Send your 3 grunts to get supplies and power, supply pad (upgrade) > start building 2nd base > supply supply on your main while 2nd base is building. Then for your last building do either armory for a full out rush with your hero or another generator. Try to take a node while all this is happening. When the 2nd base comes out build 3 raid camps and lock the base. Build jump pack brutes. Then at 3 or 4 minutes hit their base. Theres probably a better way but that's how I've seen it.

Btw this only works good if you have another teammate building snipers that pushes with you. If they find your 2nd base early your probably going to lose if they take it out.
Only noobs rush. Real men play matches of + 120 mins