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Atriox, villain or antihero?

OP FrothyHalopro

Just a fun little discussion on everyone’s favorite space gorilla. So what do you guys think? Is he a straight up villain or an antihero? To me it seems like he just wants to lead his people in survival free from any rulers. He even tells cutter he can leave and he won’t chase him down because he respects his tenacity after the UNSC pretty much invaded their current home. What are your guys takes?
All he wants is the original chicken sandwich from burger king, for that reason alone he is an inspiration to us all.
He's mostly a villain in my eyes, but I won't be surprised that if in future story lines he becomes an anti-hero (or gets a heroic story line). He's too power hungry in HW2 to be an anti-hero (why he was at the ark in the first place).

He certainly exhibits some positive qualities: He leads by example and is willing to do the dirty work (his fight with the spartans). He, personally, wants/values freedom and led a rebellion to get it for himself and his crew. He values having a diverse set of skills and talents among his lieutenants and their rise to power is based upon merit than anything else (its just a guess... but Voridus and Pav lead an army that takes down a proto-gravemind which is pretty amazing considering the lore --- ignore the fact that they are the reason it got to proto-gravemind status in the first place).