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Balance Patch Feedback Thread - 8/13/2020

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The only broken thing about hellcharge was its duration wth are these other "adjustments" ???
Humans are way too OP anyway, atriox needs some more love.
Honestly could you make wolverine slightly cheaper. They arent worth it. Better off making hornets to deal with air.
Humans are way too OP anyway, atriox needs some more love.
This is not correct. Covenant/Banished currently have overall stronger leader powers in comparison to UNSC. Glassing beams vs mac blast is a good example, with scatter bomb being the only good UNSC damage ability in comparison. Human units are generally outclassed regarding heroes, Atriox's chosen can win a direct fight with most of the human heroes; Pavium can do the same. Cloaking and shield generators provide a massive alternative bonus to non-UNSC allowing for a much longer window to defend a base vs UNSC. Overall the UNSC are easier to play and understand but they are weaker overall.
hero jerome and his mantis and the omega team finishing moves
1. Wolverines are rubbish against air. Needs to be looked at.

2 (Xbox). Can we have an option where the highlighting brush (holding A on Xbox) can be selected as a default circle size (small, medium, large). It feels so slow and delayed when pressing/holding A, more so for when the glassing beam is activated.
hi i know youre probably done with ever adding big stuff to this game but ive seen modders make a heratic leader from halo 2 if you were to make him and another charcter for the unsc i feel it would be great to build up players for halo infinate i know im excited for it! i have tons of friends that play halo wars with me and wed love to see new add-on to to the game, even if that means new pattern skins for the banished and the unsc. thanks keep up the great work!
I think the fact that the covenant. Can triple upgrade towers on top of going invis needs a nerf or buff unsc towers with more health the covy towers can reck a whole army bye themselfs
Excited that the game has finally had an update, not so happy with the nerf to kinsano, she was a severely underused leader compared to the others, the new buff was nice, made her really good and used a lot more, and i feel the nerf was a little too extreme, maybe somewhere in the middle would have been better, shes now sadly going to fall back into the lower tier of leaders ----- extremely happy about the nerf to vultures, but still sad to see there is no nerf to the effectiveness of mass banshees, far too much damage against their counter units, and just far too much damage in general, also sad to see no second nerf to the beam leader powers, especially cleansing beam and Paviums beams too, the previous nerf to the duration of the cleansing beam was not the correct adjustment, as i feel the damage of the beam should be directly reduced, by atleast 15%. Other than that, very happy with the balance patch. Keep em coming 😁
Shod PWPL wrote:
I Think you should nerf the glassing, it deals Too Much damage and it's very long, maybe just Nerf it A little? My armies always get obliterated by it. Just played a 2 hours match because this lvl 3 glassing beam ripped my condors, my Vultures and my Hornets
Hope u. Nerf it. :)
Agree a lot, the previous nerf to the duration from 7 to 5 seconds was the wrong call, the damage directly should have been adjusted, by AT LEAST 20%, even then it will still be great. Most people say just split your army, but the point is i shouldnt be guaranteed to lose 50% of my army due to one 5 second ability. The game teeters on who has the best leader powers wins, and i feel the units should be first and foremost, with the leader powers being secondary, instead of the other way around.
I just updated and lost all my paid extra content? Anyone else experience this?
Every single game in team War there is a group of three working together to spam flamethrower in under 4 minutes. There is no viable counter that any one player can use. This has gotten -Yoinking!- ridiculous, resulting in a teammate immediately quitting, every. Single. Game. The price of those units needs to be jacked up or their damage to building reduced. There is somehow in a strategy game, again, no counter. Solo players are -Yoinked!-.
- I think the Vultures are OP, maybe a damage reduce in the damage for building would be nice.
- Wolverines have never been useful against air, they need a buff.
- After sometime the Skitters attached to units that survive long enough dissapear and you can see them glitching on the map. (I think I may have a clip but I would have to look it up)
- The passive power for Serina that freezes around the power nods needs a slight buff.
- The game crashes a lot kicking you out of the servers.

I would also like Kinsano to have burning effects with the shots of the siege turrets and Kodiaks.
A game mode with skulls enabled.
A customizable leader!!! Units and powers PLEASE!.

Btw, a few weeks ago I played as Isabel in a match but Waypoint said I was Anders leading to guys bealiving I was a hacker, Idk why that happened.
Nah, FORERUNNER Leader. New units, building, powers and strats. Be amazing. I've already made my own draft idea on it :D

The balance patch portion meant to support Isabel in the early game by swapping Heavy Metal with Lotus Mines was counterproductive and instead made her situation worse. Please switch it back, it was a decision that did not, in any meaningful way, make her early game any better and to that fact, it also made her late game even worse as well. Isabel used to be one of my favorite leaders to play and now is almost unplayable for me.

Please reconsider your change,
-Day 1 Halo and Halo Wars fan
When playing ranked 3V3 when players quit a match within the first two minutes don't de rank the teammates who stay and try to fight instead leave their rank as is. And if they team
two happens to beat the team of 3 they should get a much higher boost in their rank. Went from a platinum 6 to a almost a platinum 2 because teammates keep quiting early game. Also make matchmaking ban rules in effect for ranked 3V3.

And yes I know, play with a team, but the people I usually play with aren't always online.
there's currently an issue that started about 30 minutes ago, the Halo Wars 2 servers won't let anyone join a party and im unable to join anyone in a 1v1. I hope you resolve this swiftly so my friends and I can continue to play.
KnapsackJR wrote:
Can you buff Anti Air units? I feel like even with stackinng more than half my army with anti air, its still no match for hornet or banshee swarms. This just seems unfair and gets really annoying when my opponent is using pure air, and generic solutions, or even a full counter to air units(i.e wolverines and reavers) strategys dosent work
I don't think a buff to AA is needed on their offense, maybe their defense against air swarms.
But imo, the Mass Air scrubs can be curbed by reducing the max speed of Air units by a linear factor relative to the quantity of units in your selection.
30 pop or less is full speed, 120 pop is 60% speed. This works out with the groups on the DPad, if you have 4 flights of 30 at 120 pop, you can still micro quickly enough to feel the advantage of speed air provides.

This would force more mixed comps or more micro management and reduce the cheap aspect of all unitsing air.

The reason this makes sense as the nerf to Mass Air is it does not change the 1 on 1 balance of units. It instead reflects the reapworld complexity of moving many air planes or helicopter style aircraft in a group together. Irl, bumping air craft units can cause much more major issues than HW2 let's on. And sure, it's a game, it doesn't have to be realistic. But face it, a full pop army of banshees can be all unitsed in and out of well defended areas too quickly.

Without a speed nerf when moving many air units, the mass air forces will always remain the cheapest way to secure a victory. In 3s in particular.
there's currently an issue that started about 30 minutes ago, the Halo Wars 2 servers won't let anyone join a party and im unable to join anyone in a 1v1. I hope you resolve this swiftly so my friends and I can continue to play.
Same here.. I've been trying to connect to a game on firefight and cant connect to anyone.
Hey folks, 343 are aware of server issues at the moment.

They have asked anyone experiencing issues to reach out to them on the Halo Support site.

I love this game, good progression from HW1, I hope there is a HW3.

Balance thoughts:

Vultures are overpowered, you should not be able to nuke a base so easily with very limited ways to stop it. Most of the time it's a game ender.

Either nerf the building damage of the phoenix missle or make the vultures slow and costly to make (more than what they are now).

Air is still overpowered in general during early game, mass air (hornets, banshees) can beat anti air units most of the time during early game.

Possible fixes:
Increase the time to produce hornets/banshees (strictly early game).


Buff anti-air turrets and/or decrease time or cost to produce anti air units.

Voridus's hero unit is relatively worthless, he should get a buff to speed similar to that of the shipmaster hero unit.

Cutter's hero unit still does not feel right, may still need a minor buff.

Bring back the stunning when dropping the Yip Yap turrets, it was very useful to stun specific units. That was the whole reason for selecting that leader power. It does not do enough damage to make a difference in its own. A potential compromise would be make it so that the turrets drop like Colony's wall. Drop all 4/10 turrets at once in a line, versus one at a time. This way they could be used to impede but not stun units.

Make the Banished ranger unit available at tech one. This is an inbalance with the UNSC sniper unit. This will help with rushing or countering rushing.

People are quitting games all the time. Quitting a game should lower both overall and playlist rank. This will help reduce people quitting for nonsensical reasons. I understand sometimes there are network disconnections, but those are significantly less than people quitting on their own accord.

Don't change :

- Any Banished glassing beam leader power, they are fine where they are at.
- Isabel's mac blast is now better due to recent patch.
- Nightingale is a fantastic unit, don't change.
- Banished base shield, don't change.
- Condor/Scarab, both are great units with different uses.
- Snipers, great for rushing or stopping rushes.
- Flamethrower infantry, they fit their niche quite well.
- Scorpion tanks are good where they are at right now.
- Kodiaks are operating as they should be.


Make a flood faction, it looks like the game has most of what it needs to accomplish this. Have it focused on taking over units/building, with weaknesses to sentinels and/or flame powers/units.

Spectate mode, join teammate's game just to watch but not play. :-)
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