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[Locked] Balance Update- Nov. 10 [Updated: Nov 17]

OP ske7ch

All Units! Thanks for hanging in there and being patient as the team has been working on the next balance update to Halo Wars 2! We hope everyone is enjoying Arena, Crossplay and if you own an Xbox One X, that sweet 4K HDR goodness!

Please note that this is a preview of the currently planned balance changes. This is subject to change between now and release. And as of now, I don't have a firm release date yet but I reckon the team hopes to release this next week.

Halo Wars 2 - November Balance Update Preview

Player Rank
  • Player Ranks increased to 99.
  • Ranks 50-98 maintain named rank (6th Star) with Rank 99 introducing the new rank of 'Reclaimer'.
Voridus – Infusion
Damage, duration, and unit movement penalty reduced for all sources of Voridus’ Infusion gel.
Infusion Damage
  • Damage Per Second reduced -15%
Infusion Speed Penalty
  • Infantry Slow Modifier reduced -7%
  • Vehicle Slow Modifier reduced -18%
Infusion Duration
  • All Infusion Duration reduced by -10% except for:
  • Infusion Mine I reduced -18%
  • Infusion Mine II reduced -15%
  • Infused Engineer reduced -20%
  • Medium Pool (Explosive) reduced -17%
  • Infusion Duration - Blitz
  • All Blitz Infusion Duartion reduced by -10% except for:
  • Infusion Mine I - Blitz reduced -20%
  • Infusion Mine II - Blitz reduced -17%
Voridus – Cataclysm
Voridus Cataclysm damage has been reduced as part of overall Infusion balancing.
Cataclysm Damage
  • Damage Per Second reduced -9%
Voridus – Infused Mine
Cooldown increased to help reduce layering deployments of this power.
Infused Mine I
  • Cooldown increased +10s
Infused Mine II
  • Cooldown increased +10s
Voridus – Infusion Tech
Infusion Tech has been adjusted as part of the overall Infusion balancing changes. This increase partially offsets overall damage reductions to Infusion and helps maintain its effectiveness in the late game. Even when fully upgraded however, Infusion DPS is still below current levels.
Infusion Tech I
  • Damage Modifier increased +5%
Infusion Tech II
  • Damage Modifier increased +8%
Voridus – Pack Assault
Population cost changed to reflect actual cost of units deployed: Wraith, Blisterback, Veteran Infused Engineer.
  • Pop Cost reduced 18 -> 16
Suicide Grunts
  • Damage increased versus Light Infantry to help improve counter for early rush builds.
  • Damage Modifier vs. Light Infantry increased +11%
  • Damage Modifier vs. Light Infantry In Cover increased +11%
Chopper & Ghost
Banished Scouts more effective against rush Infantry units.
Small Arms
  • Damage Modifier vs. Light Armored increased +13%
Ram (Scouts)
  • Damage Modifier vs. Light Armored increased +7%
Partially reverts earlier reduction to Phoenix Missile damage. The change overly impacted UNSC leader ability to crack bases in the late game and this adjustment brings back some of the Vulture’s hitting power.
Phoenix Missile
  • Damage Per Second increased +20%
Cannon Fodder
Earlier reductions to YapYap’s resource gathering rate proved overly punishing and these changes help improve his early game effectiveness. Cannon Fodder are still significantly below the rates of other units but now allow a bit more build flexibility.
Supply & Power
  • Gather Rate increased by +100%
Decimus – Boundless Siphon
Boundless Siphon was providing a very strong benefit in combination with several high-HP units especially when fully upgraded. This adjustment helps curb that benefit and bring it more in line with equivalent powers.
  • Hit Point Bonus reduced -14%
Reducing health to address very strong late game build scenarios. Damage has been increased to improve effectiveness at Tier 1 & 2 while health has been rebalanced to increase their vulnerability but still retain their inherent strength when upgraded with Thick Hide.
  • Hit Points reduced -13%
  • Damage Per Second increased +9%/+5%
Thick Hide
  • Hit Point Modifier reduced -7%
Siege Turrets
Cost increased to reflect earlier range and damage improvements.
  • Supply cost increased 750.0 -> 800.0
  • Power cost increased 0.0 -> 50.0
Warthog – Gauss Cannon
Issue fixed which resulted in a decrease to Anti-Building damage when upgraded to Gauss Cannon.
Gauss Cannon
  • Damage Modifier vs. Buildings increased +28%
Armory & War Council
Earlier addition of 100 Power cost proved to be too limiting to early game Hero use in combination with increased build times. This adjustment makes Heroes easier to field early in the game.
  • Power cost increased 100 -> 50
War Council
  • Power cost increased 100 -> 50
Adjustments for Colossus’ overall effectiveness. Improvements to long and short range attacks increase this unit’s tactical options and flexibility in combined unit builds.
Line of Sight
  • LOS increased +15%
  • Range increased +10%
  • Range increased +10%
Stomp Attack
  • Area Of Effect ranges increased +13%/+15%/+20%/+33%
Isabel – Holographic Decoy
Decoy count and lifespan increased to improve its effectiveness.
Holo Decoy I
  • Max Holograms increased +14%
  • Hologram Lifespan increased +5s
Holo Decoy II
  • Max Holograms increased +9%
  • Hologram Lifespan +10s
Scorpion, Grizzly, Colossus – Heal Rate
Earlier reductions to Heal Rate for Tier 3 tanks proved to be too much. This change partially reverts that adjustment.
  • Heal Rate increased +8%
  • Heal Rate increased +12%
  • Heal Rate increased +11%
Scorpion, Wraith – Canister Shot/Scorch Mortar
As part of the general improvement to Tier 3 tanks, Canister Shot (Scorpion) and Scorch Mortar (Wraith) damage has been increased.
Scorpion - Canister Shot
  • Damage Per Second increased +10%
Wraith - Scorch Mortar
  • Damage Per Second increased +11%
Wraith - Corrupted Scorch Mortar
  • Damage Per Second increased +9%
Slight improvement to Warthog health.
  • Hit Points increased +3%
Adjusting cost slightly to better reflect its current strength.
  • Supply cost reduced 350 -> 325
Rate Of Fire increased slightly to improve its ability to counter single, high-impact projectiles (Mega Turret, Siege Turret, Kodiak, etc.)
Shroud Point Defense
  • Recharge Rate increased +25%
Pavium – Rain Of Fire
Base beam damage reduced slightly to decrease attack’s power, particularly in team matches.
Rain Of Fire
  • Damage Per Second reduced -5%/-5%/-4%
Mortar Warlord
Mortar / Designator Mortar
  • AOE Radius reduced -6%
Wolverine & Reaver
UPDATE - 11/17/17: In response to community feedback, the initially-proposed adjustments to the Wolverine and Reaver have been removed from the upcoming balance adjustment. Both units will remain as they currently perform.

Isabel – Mac Blast
A boost to damage and AOE range to restore some if the power’s punch and align it better with cost.
Mac Blast DPS & Range
  • Damage Per Second increased +15%
  • AOE Radius increased for all levels
Overall improvement to Spartan Veterancy bonuses equalize XP thresholds, increase damage, weapon accuracy, and damage mitigation bonuses at each level. Keep those Spartans in the fight.
Spartan - Alice, Douglas, Jerome
  • XP Thresholds reduced -67%/-61%/-52%
  • Damage increased +4%/+4%/+8%
  • Accuracy increased +3%/+4%/+6%
  • Damage Taken reduced -8%/-11%/-13%
Spartan (Omega) - August, Jerome, Leon, Robert
  • XP Thresholds reduced -17%/-7%/-4%
  • Damage increased +4%/+4%/+4%
  • Accuracy increased +3%/+4%/+6%
  • Spartan (Omega) - Jerome
  • Damage Taken reduced -8%/-11%/-13%