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Best General in Halo Wars 2?

OP ElderPleasure

I have not played the game on Xbox One for sometime, but I'm wondering, what is the best general ever in the game? Personally, I think Colony of the Banished is the most effective general I had played with, given that he's more capable of readying powerful and quick forces against his enemies then almost all others, in addition to Engineer Swarms.
With regards to what I meant by not playing it for sometime, I was another quiddity.

So now, let's start.
If you mean best general as in the best leader Anders is the best in the game followed by forge and decimus.

anders upgrades are cheap so she’s effective in any part of the game, she has sentinal siege which is the most broken leader power in the game, and she also had a super unit which she can drop at will. Also has a really strong hero

deci is a broken leader but what’s really broken about him is his passives mainly boundless shipon and his deci drop, his passives make him broken in the late game. His hero also beats every hero

Forge he is broken because of his early game eco, he has Scatter bomb (lag bomb), he has good drops, and just a overall good kit of leader powers expecally for the late game. Really strong hero as well using the forgehog and it also buffs surrounding units

imo I think forge is the best leader in the game he has the best match ups and he’s good on nearly every map followed by anders and deci

but some top players say anders is the best in the game followed by forge then deci

altho anders is my main I think forge just beats her but I could be wrong. About forge being the best but without a doubt those are the top 3 leaders in the game. You can argue one is greater than another but those are the best 3

colony is properly like the 9th or 10th best leader he’s balanced but overshadowed by the stronger leaders.
Johnson is the best looking..

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Johnson is the best looking..
Agreed but unfortunately not the best :(
all wrong it is YapYap THE DESTORYER!
Anders is the best UNSC leader because of her research buffs ( buffs in upgrading, not the upgrades themselves )