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Best leader

OP HiGrunt

discuss which leader you believe is the best of the best across both of the games, including DLC leaders like forge or yapyap.
Best in HW2: Voridus.
His kit synergizes really well with the mini-steal chopper jpb rush, which shuts down unsc really hard. vs other Banished he can just spam grunts and farm combat spoils in order to out eco them. Not just that, but having to panic buy minis hurts your eco a lot early on, so Vori almost always has an edge.

Best in HW1: Anders.
She's easily the most versatile leader due to her unique unit and ability. Cryo lets you canny glitch and cryo-jack, while gremlins give you the upper hand in tank v tank engagements. You can also stun-jack with them. It's impossible to keep her on one base as Covies, as every time you go on offense there will be a counter push. She can get Gauss, Wingmen, and reserves very cheap and quickly as well, which is a death sentence for Covie most of the time.
I prefer Cutter
Would say, Cutter is the best on UNSC side right now.
On Banished side Colonie is pretty strong.
I prefer Cutter
Na but Forge give you that heavy supply pads
I choose Jerome for HW2, since he's the best leader for Jack-For-All-Trades when it comes to the late game.

All units upgraded into level 3 is quite a pack of punch against everything, not to mention the infantries can do the job better than either vehicle or aircraft.

Mastodon also has a strong resistance against leader power that has a high offense like glassing beam.
I prefer Sargent Johnson
I am the best leader.