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Best Leader?


Hey all, I’m just curious as to who the current best Leader or top 3 Leaders are in HW2?

I usually play 3v3 against the ai, or Firefight. I’d like to dabble in some multiplayer or ranked but I don’t want to get rolled by someone who’s simply out of my league. So I’d like to practise a good Leader and then try my luck a little later down the track.

Thanks in advance!
Well there's not really a best leader if there was then everyone would play as that leader. For the top 3 leaders, well I have not played this game in a long time. But you can check the ranking leaderboards to see which leader is picked the most. As for me, when I did play this game I'd usually pick Cutter, Forge, Decimus or Colony.
I think the best leader is more of a matter of opinion and playstyle. Jerome suits me best personally.
I'm definitely a bit rusty but for me it was always Let 'Volir, Decimus, and Cutter/Forge
Of the original six leaders, Deci and Atriox are definitely the way to go. The combination of their heroes and available leader powers are just too good to ignore. Plus Banished bases having multiple turret upgrades, shield generators, and cloaking is a real bonus.
I agree with most of what has already been said. I think its more important to avoid leaders who are decidedly not viable in the current meta. I would avoid Anders and Pavium. When and if you get into the higher ranks (diamond and above), Johnson isn't viable either.