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Blitz Beta – Blitz Feedback Thread

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The game is very good, good graphics, rewards the player for smart and tactical choices but when getting into a round we 5 points from winning i only ask for a higher score target or capture points don't give out so many points.
I've been playing blitz for a few hours now and i'm not quite sure what to think about it. Out of the games i've played, the enemy either steam rolls you-you steam roll them or you have a close game (Which i've only had 1 close game so far) More play time is needed to post a good final feedback.

However here're a few things that i would liked changed:

1) As many have said, the card selection using the stick is fiddly. Using the D-pad would be better.

2) If an ally leaves can they be replaced by an A.I That is a similar skill to your enemies. (I think ths should be included in all game modes/types) A Big issue with the first Halo Wars and Bliitz is people quiting/disconnecting a early in the game. Leaving that team at a serious disadvantage seems unit points aren't shared across allies. This should help keep the player base happy!

Also a bug i found was that no resource pods were dropping though multiple battes. But so far the game seems pretty solid! :D

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Good so far but a few problems:
- Clunky UI cycling units and cards seem too be way too difficult and cycling to specific units is too slow
- Connectivity
- Seeing selected units and flaring should be more bold
I don't think you should add 50 more points to a grunt squad just because they can "rush." It totally defeats the point of a rush. Why you waste so many points on this unit just so you could put it down slightly farther away from your base?

Also, there's no "all units" button. That's pretty bothersome.
I'm really enjoying the game so far! I'm going to list a few niggles, but really, the team has done a great job.

A lot of people have been saying that the games feel really short, and I agree. I feel like the match gets really exciting right at the end, where there are often 4 energy drops at the same time! But unfortunately I usually only get about 30 seconds to fight over the energy drops and take advantage of the increased income before the game ends. I don't know if raising the score limit, making the 4x energy drop earlier, or something else is the solution, but that's what leads to my feeling that the games end right as they're getting good.

The cards take up a really huge amount of the screen when they pop up. I can already read them, and when I hit a number and then click on the ground sometimes the cards popping up get in my way.

Again, really enjoying the game! Thanks, guys.
Loving the game so far, I'm surprised no one quits as often as in HWars1.
The new mode is great however i have ra into a few bugs such as units getting stuck and the game falling out of sync resulting in disconnection. I know this is only a beta so upon full release i hope these issues are resolved. Other than that and maybe a bit of adjustments to some of the troops scaling, i love the mode and am looking forward to the full release.
I have, so far, overall enjoyed this mode. It definitely has its issues, but I see the potential. Some of its strong points include the concept of the card based gameplay, the deck building, and the variety of different cards and how they impact one another (for example, a vehicle that has a cloak, as well as another that can reveal cloaked units). However, there are some issues that I feel hold this mode back:

1. The fact that units spawn in with less health outside of their home base is interesting in concept, but in execution it feels like it needs some minor changes. For example, the units could still spawn with decreased health, but with more than there is currently so that these units can actually stand a chance in certain situations (given that a big part of the gameplay seems to be the idea of spawning in units tactiacally on the battlefield, usually in the middle of a battle from what I've seen).

2. It seems like the energy spawns can be, at least from what I have seen, beneficial towards one team and therefore unbalanced towards the other. Again, this is only from what I have seen at the moment, and this suggestion might just be a misunderstanding on my part.

3. By far my biggest issue with this mode is how the matches tend to snowball. In many cases whoever performs best in the first couple of encounters gains a significant advantage due to the other team struggling to regain energy in a sufficient amount of time. Due to the relatively fast rate at which points are gained, more often than not one will be on the verge of defeat by the time they actually build up an army, and even at that point they would have to engage with the army of the other team, which would probably be massive by that point due to the amount of time they have had usually without conflict (allowing a more steady stream of energy).
another problem I have is the locus shooting through the ground
Ah! So someone else noticed it too! I thought I saw one shooting through a hill on the middle point vs my troops coming from north.
Just an idea, make it so when the timer runs out in blitz instead of the team who has the most points wins, make it so the next team to get 25, or 50 points win, I just played a game where we were about to control all 3 zones and the game ended before we passed them in points.
Some critiques...

Troop Selection in game
1. Completely remove the delay in the right trigger to cycle through units, as well as the delay in cycling through cards. One of the skill points in RTS games is being able to get units out quickly as well as being able to micromanage squads of units. The delay takes away fluidity and slows you down drastically when in the middle of a firefight as well as when you are setting units up, or issuing commands to separate squads.

2. Split the 4 card slots into separate sections. For example, card slot one could be dedicated to low cost units (or infantry), slot 2 to mid cost units (or vehicles, slot three for special abilities, and slot 4 for uber units. This would allow for more smooth troop deployment as well as create more potential for countering . The current system is not very effective in my opinion. Coupled with removing the delay between card cycling, the potential for increase skill in micro/macromanagement improves drastically.

General Gameplay
1. Remove the ability to see other troops in the fog of war. It takes away any advantage from planning ambushes and it makes it easy to spawn counter units when you know the enemy is coming to your territory. It seems to remove the purpose of radar towers as well imo.

2. Remove the cost between card cycling. I'm not sure what the purpose of paying 5 energy is. Why create a disadvantage for simply switching between units? It should be a given in game that you would be cycling quite a bit between units due to the constantly changing circumstances blitz provides.

3. Battles seem extremely clustered and difficult to navigate when everyone is bunched together in a small area. It's hard to distinguish between which troops are yours or the enemies. I'm not sure if this is due to the color scheme, or the size of the units, but it's something that should be addressed. Making the battlefield and differing army troops more distinguishable will be very helpful.

4. Make the attacking icon stand out more. It's very difficult to tell who I can attack, or can't attack sometimes. Maybe add a flashing cursor or a more contrasting color icon when you highlight enemies.

5. Add more points to the blitz 2v2 and 3v3 to lengthen the games.

6. I'm not sure how to fix this, but like others have mentioned, if you lose the first fight then chances are you will lose the rest simply because the enemies have more troops and now better positioning. They are also able to see you in the FOW, so they can prepare for your next attack while at the same time accruing more points.

7. Make the left control stick waypoint marker thing more apparent on the map and maybe add some vocals to it. It doesn't stand out very much.

1. Naming decks like others have mentioned is a good idea to implement. Better organization potential.

2. Being able to edit decks while searching through matchmaking is another good idea.

3. Remove the level up feature of units. Pay to play peeps will be given a HUGE advantage.
HI 343,

With playing Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta for about five hours i can honestly save the game mode is fun and innovated.Really enjoy the completing the Challenges, and playing with different Leaders and Leader specific units. The game has made signification improvements sense the last beta. But with all the improvements that have been made, a few issues persist. Mainly with the controls. The controls seem to be unresponsive at times to the point that individually selecting units doesn't work. Especially if you are cycling trough units using the right trigger. They seem to always stay together or move the entire squad when you don't want them to. Example, when selecting all units or local units and you want the air units to go a strategic part of the map. And you cycle to the air units and move them, they stay with local units. When this happen it makes it time consuming to individually press A on the unit to move them where you want. Also the Control Layout is counter intuitive and inaccurate when selecting cards, commonly selecting and deploying the wrong unit into battle. Below is a list of the issues/ features that will improve the game.

1) When selecting Cards to deploy, have the option to use the D Pad or Left and Right Bumpers to select cards left to right. This will increase accuracy when selecting cards then using the left joy stick. Especially when the card menu glitches and you have no visualization on what card you are picking.

2)Have the capability to create your own controls, or have multiple control styles to choose from, and also includes a save style for an XBOX Elite Controller. Example, have a control style that is similar to Halo Wars. I much rather prefer the Left Trigger to be the Fast Camera Movement. Not only is that the same as the Original Halo Wars. But the triggers a much more durable then the Left and Right Bumpers. I have replaces multiple controls because of L&RB spring breaks or the button no longer works. From play over 1900 hours of Halo Wars I can tell you that the only way to move around map is by using the Fast Camera Movement.

3) Units selection needs to be more responsive and visually noticeable. There is a visually obvious delay when cycling units using the RT to the point that you always over cycle wasting needed seconds to stay competitive. Also it is visually difficult to see what units your selecting, and i sitting 8 feet away for a 65" TV. Have the Units pop out and have a highlight box behind the units to select similar to Halo Wars.

4) In Blitzs, the Cards block the view of cycling units using RT, Especially when the card menu glitches and covers the bottom of the screen. This makes it very difficult to Micro Manage units in battle.

5) Mini Map, The map is in a good location and perfect size. But the map has a bad way of notifying the player of Teammates Flairs and when the reactor pods are going to drop. Every notification is a white circle with no sound. The color of the circle should be the color of your teammate, so there is a higher level of communication between players. Halo Wars flair system is perfect, and should be implemented into Halo Wars 2.

6) Micro Managing units is basic. Almost no skill required.This can be taken badly with high level players. Microing units is a skill that is used in Halo Wars to help improve your odds in battle. Often the deciding factor in a battle. This is basically gone in Halo Wars 2, mainly due to the maps. All the maps that were playable for the two betas have no open areas to have full army vs full army and be able to move and shoot at the same time. Every map funnels units, making it difficult to micro and slows down the pace of battle.

7) Every units in the Blitz beta has enormous amount of heath and deals very little damage. Now there is now way to compare if this is the case for all the games modes. But if that is the case, the game will always be slow pace. The best aspect of Halo Wars is the fast pace nature of the game. Allowing strategies of the player to really show in battle. In the Blitz Beta, the only strategy that seems to be the best is to have more deploy-able units and units with long range. No micro, no hard counters, no hard hitting units like Power Turret Tanks in the Original Halo Wars.

8) Units Y abilities. In the Blitz beta, only a small number have a Y ability. Now if that is only the case in Blitz that should be fine, I can see the balancing feature of that decision in this game mode. But is that is the case for the entire game, there is now no need to micro your units. You can just tell your units to attack and army or a base, and you sit and watch. If this is the case, regular game modes will get boring. Sense you don't have any interactions with all unit types, and do have the Micro chance to doge opponents Y abilities make strategic movements no longer a factor of the game-play.

All in all, the game is good. But to be honest, Halo Wars is still a better game. Mainly because of the fast pace nature of the game, and the units have a more realistic feel of health, damage, movement speed, much better controls and response time with units.
PLEASE make it possible to select and cycle through units in a control group OMG how do we lose this feature from HW1?????????? Also, no in menu chat?
Overall enjoyment is pretty high, but usability is atrocious.
1. Why do we need to pick cards on keys 1-4? I want to bind unit groups on these keys! Game's remapping isn't even allow me to swap blitz's cards on other keys, like F1-F4, which would've been better.
2. Please place zooming on the mouse wheel, nobody need to cycle units with it.
3. Cards are taking to much space on the screen, I don't think they should be on the middle of it in the first place. Too often I misclicked on them.
4. Why for the love of god we need to click on the airstrike card, then click on the battlefield to "activate" it and only then click on the place we want it to hit? Just make it "Click on card - click on target", the same as with units.
5. Unit selection is pretty wobbly, it's inadvisable to rely on simple click on the unit, cuz it could not register.
6. Commands aren't responsive. There needs to be a line form unit to it destination, both on battlefield and minimap. It's like C&C school RTS basics.
7. Sometimes click on minimap changes camera to the position, sometimes it does not. It's rage-inducing.
8. Please, remove "auto selecting" from newly spawn units. There is a delay between picking a card and actual spawn of a unit, and in this delay I always try to do something useful, like order my injured unit to fall back. And in this instance newly spawned unit gets auto-selected and my injured unit fails to receive my command.

In general, give more control over units, UI and general functions to the player and never take them away, like buy autoselecting something or enlarging card on the UI, that it covers a place player wanted to click on.
Game overall is very fun, but doesn't controls well, it really cramps the experience.
Not a fan of blitz. I dont like that I can not play the type of units I feel could affect the game or build an army to my liking. For me this game is not fluid.
Well I have played the tutorial and 1 3v3 match. Do not think I have not played enough Because of this but I have a little annoyance with the camera which is quite slow until i changed it but even when I used the speed up camera function I had felt it was too slow.

Then with the controller I was not able to change what the scheme was and I do not know if there is other schemes on release but coming from halo wars it did not feel very welcoming. I got a hang of the controls quickly but they felt unfamiliar and prefer the old controls (this might just be me, like having up on the depad be leader powers and LT be speed camera and LB being cards). When playing I noticed that when telling a unit what to do I found myself mashing X just to see if it work, I would like it to be a lot more responsive, like have a unit say something every time I press X or have a giant arrow telling me this is where they are going.

Now this kinda isn't game play but when choosing a match please, oh please change it.
Quick play needs to go in my opinion it puts me in a game that I game I did not want to be in I had to select quick play then cancel and then choose the one I wanted and that should not be and I have still not been able to change leader which, I admit not clear in the first one but once figured out easy to do and I am not saying that it needs to copy wars 1 because that would just be the same game and that is not good but what I ask is that you change it to a screen that allows you to change your hero and select the game mode you want at the same time.

Main points:
-I would like it to be like the old ways but might be just me
-More response when doing things with units
-Camera speed changed
-Make a space that allows you change leader and game mode instead of quick play, just having quick play sounds a lot less like a strategy game and mode of a action game

So far what I have seen I am going to enjoy playing with my friend and have already pre-order the game from amazon. Just please have a think about what I have wrote is all I ask.

P.S. I really what co-op campaign so if it is not there then not playing campaign but will still play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 STANDARD multiplayer (btw that's kinda the only reason I pre-ordered it)
I think they players should get a warning when either team is nearing victory. Having the announcer say '50 points remaining' or something to that effect would be very beneficial.
First and foremost, your devs did a really good job with the game, thank you.
Blitz is a game mode that lasts only 10-15 minutes, yet comes with enough strategic depth to bring a smile to your face and I like it.

What I don't like is HOW you brought Microtransactions to the game mode.
It's totally not my intention to rant against Microtransactions in general but it's a very narrow ridge between pay-2-win and pay-2-safe-grinding.
Unfortunately, I think you have chosen the wrong path...

I enjoy putting some money into games here and there if it just saves me from playing the additional 6 hours to get the nice skin.
And I also welcome the fact, that Microtransactions will probably make the whole Halo Wars franchise more attractive in the future.

What I cannot understand is why you decided, that it would be a good idea to add this card ranking system (which is obvisouly the honey pot for Microtransactions) to a RTS game?
* I could understand if you added Microtransactions to get that legendary Atriox Chosen or Honor Guard card a little bit earlier,
* or if you could buy some shiny variant of a card that has some awesome unique in-game textures,...

But a card ranking system...? I played to rank 7 today and a bunch of my cards are already level 2.
If I understood that correctly, I play one of these cards in the game and it will have more health than the same card played by a rank 1 player.
I don't know often a card can be ranked up but as the decks have an average card level in the UI I expect it to be higher than 3.
Sorry, but who had the idea that this would be a smart thing in a RTS game?

Let me just roughly sketch 2 situations in this game that are totally awkward...
- You just sit back in your couch and want to play a fast 10 minute game with your nice deck of your rank 15 account.
- In the lobby you see that you've been paired with a rank 3 account.
- Wow, that will definitely be a fun game.
- I know that my units spawn 4 levels higher than his units.
- Strategy (which is #1 reason for me to play a RTS) will definitely be the deciding factor here.
- Well....

- You just sit back in your couch and want to play a fast 10 minute game with your nice deck of your rank 10 account.
- In the lobby you see that you've been paired with a rank 20 account.
- Wow, that will definitely be a fun game.
- I know that I must carefully trade my units with his as direct 1v1 battles are in his favor.
- (oh wait - xbox controller - crap)
- Ah I lost, ok perhaps the next one has worse card levels.

Sorry, but both situations are totally boring and not really a reason for me to prefer Blitz over other game modes..
Probably there is far too little room for changes until the release but the card ranking system was IMHO not the right choice.
What is the design choice behind showing the enemy units at all times? The Fog of war is non existent. I can always see where the enemy is moving and defend effectively.

Also like others have said. Naming of decks would be amazing!NEED THIS

The map for the beta is a bit unbalanced. It is more beneficial to camp A and B and forget C even exists. "A" has the best supply crate spawns on the map...C has 1 supply crate spawn. Is this intentional?
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