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- I LOVE blitz but however there I one major flaw. The leveling system. I don't like how you can level up your troops. I know that is how you guys will be making a lot of your money but I'm about level 3 and sometimes I will be matched with level 9 in duel. No matter my strategic superiority, I won't be able to beat them because of their leveled troops. Since it will be in the full game then I would ask there to be matchmaking according to level because without it we will have a $60 game on our hands that is "pay to win" which would not be desirable.
I loved the first Halo Wars. So, when I played the first Beta, I was pleased to see that nothing was changed completely. There were several improvements that I really liked, and made me feel like this is what I want from a sequel. I don't, however, like Blitz.
I don't like them, but I understand micro-transactions are the new trend in gaming; and I get why developers include them (money). I appreciate that, like REQ packs, they have always been for cosmetics, and don't affect the game (except Warzone). This gives me the option to not pay in, and still enjoy. Fairness and balance, to me, makes a good competitive multiplayer game. This is why I preferred Halo to Call of Duty. For a RTS, this should be the main focus. Instead, it feels like it will be a "Pay to play" mode. I don't think the card system works here, because there is no way to judge how to counter your opponent. Battles just turn into one concentrated area, that everybody constantly spawns units into. I doesn't feel rewarding to me that I won, when I just spawned the needed backup on the control point I was defending.
It seems Blitz was created for the sole purpose to include micro-transactions into the game, and that saddens me. I find myself playing more single-player games now, because all of the multiplayer games I loved before, have turned into a cash grab. This won't deter me from buying Halo Wars 2, however like Warzone, I think I'll play this game mode the least. As long as the core game play from the first game is still there, I'm sure I'll love it.
Feedback: UNITS UNSC CYCLOPS, need more defense against veicles and fire power, 2 cyclops to kill 1 locust dont are balanced and 3 cyclops to destroy 1 wrath are horrible.
ok seriously locust overpowered again in this game as well they ARE A DAMN BUILDING KILLING UNIT NOT A UNIT KILLING UNIT AIRCRAFT TAKE TOO MUCH DAMAGE FROM THEM seriously all people do now is camp point B and C with locust and anti air and they have the game no counter to them its a cheap effective strategy that ruins the point of Blitz idk if its bad map design or what but it is infuriating this map needs a complete redesign from the ground up all everybody does is camp B and C if locust are not looked at i will not buy this game i was going to preorder it but after seeing this i might as well stick with C&C kanes wraith at least there you actually have to micromanage and move around the map in order to have map control you all people have to do in this game is spam locust and they win the game just like in the first game
Today while playing Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta I came across several teams that used this abusive tactic and due to its effectiveness it will be what people will only play. That is cycling cards until they get only a type of locust or engineer. With that all they have to do is run packs of them around in 2 minutes or less you have a team running and after 3 they each have a pack running around and no real way to stop it due to the evasion of abilities and engineer healing. There should be a penalty for cycling cards other than 5 energy per cycle i.e. a cool down to cycling cards like 5/10 sec per cycle or put a max limit on the amount of times that you can cycle per match.
Would like Spartans to be kicked out of vehicles with battle fatigue instead of dying.

It's funny to see your Spartan hijack a low-health vehicle due to a teammate popping a few shots just moments before executing the order... And then die because said vehicle was low on health and tied directly to the Spartan.

... unless it was a glitch.
The gamemode for Blitz may need some fine tuning, but please make it so i can use decks that have less than 12 cards.

I was trying to use a deck with 4 sentinel related cards to see how it would go but it wouldn't let me use it. I also tried a deck with ten cards but it wouldn't allow it either. Im not trying to troll my team or anything, i just know that i wont use flamethrowers or snipers often so I'd rather not have to cycle them out and waste time and resources.

Other than the really short game time, a spartan taking over the very expensive vultures within a few seconds, and the incredible difficulty in defeating super units in the game mode, I actually enjoy it.
I would really like to see unit stats on the cards. Damage, health, armor all that jazz. I hate seeing the rank up and just going ok but what did it get? And a real fog of war I don't want to see what my opponent has or where he is going makes for a better game not knowing and having to plan for that. I like the energy core drops a lot rushing for those or stealing them out from people is pretty cool. All in all though this game looks great and plays great can not wait for the final product.
I really love Blitz, it's a nice game mode that lifts up the RTS cliche.
Pros: -It's a unique mode with different gameplay that's different from the last HW2 Beta.
-Online play & Matchmaking is fast and smooth (especially for fast satellite users., there's no lag what-so-ever. I'm happy that I finally get to play a decent Halo game online on Xbox One.)
-The UI looks great for blitz and the game itself. Looking at your deck and its details are fascinating, especially to come up with the next strategy.
-The ranking system looks cool it keeps you going to play more! Especially earning more cards.
-Deck system is great, it's like your load out, but specifically with cards and different commanders to choose from.
-I like Jeff (Halo voice announcer) making match and medal announcements. I miss HW1's announcer. But Jeff is awesome!

Cons: -I get really confused between different colors of the units between my teammates and enemies, especially in a big battle. It sometimes doesn't show me if one of them is my teammate or enemies, this should be fixed and it was fine from the last beta.
-I really don't like micro-transactions to get more cards...
-During gameplay, to purchase a card, navigation is hard, sometimes it accidently purchases the wrong card instead of the one I needed.
- Blitz needs to last longer
- The HUD is a little aggravating, needs to have smoother and easier navigation
- Alerts on the mini-map need to be noticeable when I need help during gameplay, just like HW1.
- Sometimes I lose connection ( out of sync ) to games for some reason.
- Only one brief glitch (I was playing as Shipmaster but he had a UNSC army, It was weird. lol)
- Needs to have better scoring, I like to see my allies and enemies scores during gameplay, like HW1
- Card price needs to be reasonable and affordable.
Things that really need to be in the game:
- In the final launch, it needs LAN mode for Blitz and multiplayer. (Local Area Network/System Link). To play with your pals on an offline network. The first Halo Wars has this, and Halo Wars 2 really needs this as well. Gamers like LAN and it should be included.
- Offline features in the final launch for Blitz. (Yes, I know this is a beta.) When we play blitz on the offline mode, it should have all the fun features including the ranking system and challenges during offline play, please don't make it an online only thing...please.
- Able to create a custom blitz game of our own.
Hi 343,

I have created a Video for the Issues that I have experience constantly for the Xbox One. The Video goes over what Pro Player of Halo Wars constant issues are. The Video talks about the controls, lack of microing, and improvements needed to the mini map. Please watch and reply if you want more feedback on the game.

The game mode is a lot of fun and fast pace, but should last longer with gathering more energy. Have the score go up to 300 and have no time limit.

Thanks for allowing us to improve Halo Wars 2.
I like the fatigue system, even though it murders me In a battle. But some more high point units should be given "Rush". I like the units but I hope that this is not the full extent of the cards for the full game, I don't have many other ideas but there's approximately 96 cards total I believe? Quite a bit but there is not much variety in battle, people have been using very similar strategies around artillery heroes or camo. The detect should have a longer range. I like that the camo runs out every once in a while. The stats of units should be displayed in the deck builder and card library screens as well as duration of status effects and so on. I think the Spartan's ability should start It's cool down after it gets out of a vehicle (or it could be a bug) because my army got decimated by a single Spartan ravaging my vehicles one by one. I like that you cannot stack the deck with copies of a single card. I like that I can see each card revealed one by one. I think the MAC gun is not very good. The "Blast" ability should do significantly less damage, at least to vehicles (I exploit the blast ability nearly every game) and the locusts have always been a nuisance with too long range too much damage and too much health... and now they have shields?! I like that in Blitz the super units only last for a short time. I hope that blitz has more game modes than the one. I hope that after 14 hours of playing I get more than just 1 free pack of cards when I start up the game.

it's a good game mode, a friend called it a great app game. It just left me wanting more from Blitz. The leaders don't have unique enough cards to make a difference, a good player could do mostly the same strategy each time and win. The blisterback is able to fire over more elevation than the kodiak and the locusts can shoot through the ground. The banished (I think they're called) seem to have more camo units than the UNSC which is by all means fair but the UNSC doesn't seem to me to have any effective counters to a camouflaged army. The sniper should be able to detect units that his little drone paints with It's laser and it can be an ability even.

all in all I really enjoy playing it, but it just makes me even more anxious to play the full game, I will be counting the days until the 21st.
Please reduce the health on the super units like the scarab and condor my whole army can't kill them so I always run from them
Seriously, what's with the new professor Anders face!!

She looks like Shrek's bartender !!

So... she's not Asian anymore??? Or what?
On my end, game crashes when I have two monitors active. It works when I go to a single monitor.
So far I'm really enjoying the beta but there's really only one thing I thought needs some fixing. When you select 'All Units' it's way too slow trying to cycle through each of the selected units. There is like a 2 second delay from when when you click the cycle button and when it actually cycles through. During intense battles I always find myself spamming the cycling button when all units are selected, and then I end up skipping over the unit I meant to select, then I have to keep cycling though until I reach the intended unit. It's a small detail but, in my opinion, a very important one that can save me from getting too frustrated during intense battles. Anyway, I cannot wait to play the full game. I didn't think I would care at all for Blitz but it is actually genuinely fun to play. Great job!
Seriously, what's with the new professor Anders face!!

She looks like Shrek's bartender !!

So... she's not Asian anymore??? Or what?
She is Asian, it's just that she is also half white so it's less noticeable but don't worry, they didn't change her too much. Not like Cutter who looks like 30 years younger than he should.
Ok so i had a 3v3 game on xbox and 2 of the enemy players somehow got double the energy of everyone else (including their other teammate-which is not suppost to be possible) and spawned continuous units in our bases (the whole 12 minuites of the game every 2 seconds, luckily their fatigue spawn meant we were able kill them but this is crazy bad bug in the game
Safe Zone
I was attacked by an opponent with a large group of units last evening in my safe zone (starting area) and they were able to destroy my units. Would you please consider making it so that units cannot take damage while in their safe zone? Attacking your opponents units in their safe zone is unsportsmanlike.
I think the game is a litlle bit unbalanced: very often the match is decided in the first fight, the first 30 seconds and it's very hard to recover the game and is very hard to loose if you are on the opposite faction beacause the troops gained in the first part of the match are fundamental to keep the objective and amassing more and more troops that the enemy will never be able to match. In this sense invisible troops are too much strong if you have them when you start the match.
Is it just me or do blast units do way too much damage? I've had my entire army wiped out by blast flame troopers on several occasions. I don't think blast troopers should wipe out everything in they're radius, maybe do like 25-50% damage? Imo, blast troops are overpowerd
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