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TL;DR: Locusts are OP. Atriox's Chosen annoying. Cloak is annoying. Eradication too good. Some Blast units unreliable. Rush Anti-Tank units needed.

After having played more of the beta I have noticed some problems with troop balance. The Locust is the biggest problem right now as it is so cheap and has such strong versatility against most troops. If an opponent builds up enough of them they're unstoppable. This is especially bad as it causes other units such as the Wraith and Marauder to be almost useless. The Locusts need reduced range, health and mobility while firing so that they're more balanced.

I am unsure whether it is s bug or not but the stun effect on the Atriox's Chosen unit is incredibly obnoxious and can seemingly just stun lock units until they die. Perhaps units should have a stun cooldwon effect.

Though the unit cloaking mechanic adds more depth to the game, it can be tedious to deal with. This is mostly a result of most of the detect units being scouts or AA vehicles which are not suited for close engagements. Maybe add some special troop variants with detect? Or make the detection range larger for vehicles with detect.

Some power abilities such as Eradication for Atriox seem a little too powerful and hard to avoid with your army. This is mainly because your troops naturally clump together when moving around making them easy pickings for powers like Eradication. Maybe there should be a little more time for the blast to charge up its explosion.

The Blast units are very strange. They inflict insane amounts of damage, even on large groups of units which can be incredibly aggravating if a unit suicides into a group of units you're not paying attention to. Maybe the damage should just be spread across grouped units? Also some Blast variants seem substantially more useful than others. The Banshee and the Jackrabbit for instance can get almost anywhere because they're fast and mobile units yet the Grunts and Hellbringers are fairly underwhelming. Maybe they could be more tanky or even have Rush and Blast?

This is a more subjective criticism but I think that there needs to be some Rush Anti-Tank units. They may exist and I just haven't unlocked them but artillery can be annoying to counter sometimes if placed in a strong position (between the B and C flag on training ground.) This applies for both UNSC and Banished, so maybe Rush Cyclopses and Hunters.

There maybe somethings I have missed but these are the troop balance problems I found most agregious. Thanks for reading.
Blitz is amazing fun & a good addition to Halo Wars. my only problem is the ability to buy packs. instead of that add extra challenges or bonuses for win streaks or even losing streaks, 3 of each challenges will not last someone who plays the game regularly an entire week to complete. being able to buy packs gives a major disadvantage to those who can't. imagine how frustrating it would be to go into game against level 4-5 high tier cards or special units. yes everyone would eventually get the cards but after endless hours of getting destroyed.
Change one of the blue player colors to teal or purple. I ask only for communication purpposes, specifying via voice and especially text will get annoying.

there also seems to be a significant delay or cooldown to when you can play another card, is this on purpose? Is there a reason for this? If so, why even hot key them?

Also, let me hot key my units. Any RTS that is to be taken serious should have this.
You can hotkey units into groups, select the units you want to group hold rt the hold the d pad to assign them.
To select the group hold rt and tap d pad
I think controlling the "waves" of spawning would make blitz better rather than having tech spawned in on top, except for maybe turrets or other "defensive structures" instead of vehicles. Might be able to do it by making the "rear" vision cone larger

& Banished tech seems op/unbalanced for the most part.
Well, for starters, please add a in game, easy to access MUTE option

In my FIRST game, I got a -Yoink- listening to crap music. And off course, EVERYBODY must listen to it.

And it lacks the option off selecting a single unit(or a selection of them) when you have many units selected. I remember this was possible on Halo Wars 1
My quick list so far...

1.) colors when doing a 3v3 can be irritating. Red team should be red yellow white, ditch orange. The blue team maybe needs a gray, blue and purple or something. The colors are way to similar as of now, especially if there is a big battle.

2.) twice in the last week my daily challenges did not refresh which is terribly irritating.

3.) can you make it so a deck can be unfavorited? Having to favorite another deck to delete one is annoying.

4.) there is a bug after leveling up that continues to tell us we have earned a promotion and a pack even though there is actually nothing there.

5.) Energy for units dying? Trophy for last place? This is terribly obnoxious. Mostly when playing 2v2 and 3v3. We go in and actually focus down the healers and the anti air and then kill everything else and because all of their units die and they get energy refunded we are rewarded with them dropping a scarab or commodore on us. This is a crap mechanic and currently I see no information stating that you get energy for defeating units. Why you would give a player energy for losing there units but not to the player that was strategic is beyond me. But it should be changed.

And for for what I consider the biggest problem of all and could potentially be the same issue for all game modes is selecting units, yes the wheel to play cards is buggy and clunky but trying to flip through your units using the bumper(Xbox) is slow and laggy and not to mention very difficult to see. It would be nice if the selected unit was colored or opaque rather than transparent like the others, the feint glow is not enough and the selection needs to be way more crisp. Trying to counter units in the heats of battle is very frustrating and as of now if it is released this way will be a deal breaker for me.

Halo Wars had always been fun and Blitz seems like it will be fun and exciting with collectible card format
I found that the Locust is very OP for its cost as one Bloodfuel Locust can take down vultures, kodiak and scorpions. They also seem to shoot through objects such as corner boulders other units can't shoot through and hit targets in the fog of war zone outside their sight radius. Players are currently cycling through all their cards to just have locusts as they are so cheap and versatile but also powerful, And not many units that counter them are able to do reasonable damage against the same array.
Gamer Pictures need to be a lot bigger, there so small!
Well, for starters, please add a in game, easy to access MUTE option

In my FIRST game, I got a -Yoink- listening to crap music. And off course, EVERYBODY must listen to it.

And it lacks the option off selecting a single unit(or a selection of them) when you have many units selected. I remember this was possible on Halo Wars 1
Select units rt cycles through them
Blitz Solo Mission feedback ?

i have 2 ideas,

why not adding campagn blitz mode > play blitz mode in solo, but with semi/campagn mission : with player(s) Vs Halo campagn boss and unitiesexemple : i play a simple mission, my objective in the mission is : kill the ennemie boss (Prophet, Tartarus, [...]).

Second idea :

and adding more gamemode with blitz. exemple :
  • Capture the ennemies flag :
  • King of the hill :
  • Destroy the ennemie core
  • Assassin (start game with 1000 points and 10 second for places all unities and go in the center of the map for fight and kill all ennemies)
  • Warzone Blitz : (start a simple halo 5 warzone match but with one capture zone)
So recently I've been playing the beta and something I noticed bothered me. The scarab super unit is not as strong as it should be, especially in comparison to the condor super unit. It took me twenty seconds to kill ONE NORMAL MURADER. A condor can kill a murader in five second. I think the scarab needs a serious upgrade if it want to keep its title as the master unit, because the condor is better than it in every way. The condor has a mac cannon and like five big laser cannons that could kill a blisterback in under five seconds. The only thing the scarab is used for is scaring the enemy away. Pls 343 and CA, buff the scarab.
I love the game so far, but my only gripe with the entire gameplay is how often me and my friend get overwelmed by a swarm of locusts and bloodlust locusts. In the first game they were so perfect having long range, and power but little Health and shields. Now they can be spawned in swarm and are super bulky. I suggest either lower health dramatically, or increase cost buy much more. THEY NEED A NERF!!!
I cant post my suggestion list!!!!!!! Why?
Re: 3 - there is a discard button. It's X. Once you start using it, you will appreciate that there is a LOT of strategy in what you spawn.It's a pretty good system, really.
Yes, X does work. No, it really isn't a good system.It's a pretty system pre-disposed towards in-game purchases. Makes me think the playing field will at some point be imbalanced towards players who will effectively pay to win, which is a real turn-off. I think at this point I've seen enough of Blitz, it's too random with too little control. I look forward to seeing if the game proper is any better, but in terms of sales putting out a Beta may have been a mistake. I would have bought it blindly on the strength of 8 years playing Halo Wars 1, but not now I've tried it.
After a couple hours of game time here is my feedback:
2v2 matches can be terribly one sided based on the confidence of players. I understand this will flesh out over time and it is a beta and people are trying this for the first time. What I would suggest is placing great emphasis on mmr so that skilled players can have the chaos induced thrill ride of throwing scarabs at each other for 10 minutes rather than the slight disappointment of watching your enemies units move a little, attack you, and then not reinforce. To repeat, I understand we are all learning. I have no quarrel with how people play or how fast they learn, I would just like to see hard work towards wins set you up against more challenging opponents.

Now that I have said that, most of the other things I have seen tend to revolve around pacing. I have had a few games end in the minimum time allotted at 200-0 because it snowballs once the base army dies and they have little to counter the significant base defense my teammate and I have setup. "Comeback mechanics" can be voodoo words among some gamers but in reality I would like the challenge of a slight advantage/disadvantage tug of war style game. I had one game that went for almost the entire time limit because of my opponents only tossed out scarabs. It was immensely fun to wheel around the map killing mega units while trying to hold 2 bases. But then I followed it by a game where a guy spawned a bunch of grunts that died and then we spawn camped him.. In the end I guess what I am asking for is a "It's not the end of the world" button to show up on the screen for the team that's down and give them that little window to really alter the outcome of the game.

Some minor bugs I noticed. My units get stuck occasionally and don't respond to move commands. I go nudge them with another friendly unit and they are good to go. Minor hindrance but not really a huge deal. My card menu got stuck on the screen once and I couldn't select my army or even use the cards until one of my units died and then the menu reset. strange incidence and I can't really say what caused it so it could've just been a very wild fluke.

Overall I am very excited for launch and anticipate many hours of playtime
This is more of a general feedback but, there is not one single game where a player didn't quit, on any team (2v2, 3v3). Compare to the previous beta, there is a huge quitters issue. Even some higher level just afk to get 100xp and challenge completion. It creates a lot of unfair games for both team and some very close game if you are lucky.
Just came to say:
Locust... I leave it just there... "Lets make 1 unit which can shoot beyond the fog of war and cost a bit more that its counter units. Imagine an army of these!" Seriously.
-Cutter only 2 units to fight. Compared to other leaders, it sucks! Suggest 3 units
-Warthog cost too much
-Extractor marines cost too much. They are just marines aka cannon food.
-Sniper need more dps (fire rate)
-Trooper Hog don't do any damage. Barely killed 1 grunt squad. Took about 40 seconds.
-Veteran jackrabbit. Who? Anyone ever used it? Seriously.
-Every guard unit is waste of energy. No point at all. I only put Douglas to steal enemy vehicles nothing more.
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