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Blitz Beta – Blitz Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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ParkAir024 wrote:
RomanAtol wrote:
I dont know where this hate is coming from..... I actually quite enjoyed it and think Blitz is a great game to increase longevity. The game ran silky smooth, except for a few hiccups with friendly no responding to command. I feel that they could tweak the way i can choose the card. It feels clunky and personally takes a good amount of the screen, perhaps make the cards a bit smaller or sort them in a way that it looks pleasing.
I played 3v3 and was very chaotic and pleasing to play. Superb music and great graphics with awesome gameplay is what i feel like i got in the beta. Fix the minor things and this game will be ready for retail.
People don't like the fact that the game type is only really in the game for micro-transactions. Myself, and alot of other people, hate micro-transactions in AAA games. Thats one of the reasons why I hated halo 5.
Fair enough, i wont be paying for packs either but its not going to stop me from playing the mode. I think it would be a fun challenge to compete with those who have an advantage. If it turns to be too hard to go against others then i will play for fun and rank up and play my way towards a better deck. But ya it shouldnt have the abikity to pay for packs. -1 for 343.
Its great that the game actually runs confidently, and that we have other modes.
2 big things that eliminate any strategy to this gamemode:

1). Although i get the card based system, having 4 random cards eliminates the ability to strategically counter enemy units or design your invading force.

2). Constant radar so there is no ability to flank/surprise your opponent. Also means that most fights are just 2 full armies as your opponent can see your forces moving to attack an objective and move his forces accordingly.
With 1. There is the strategy of when you've got some quiet time to cycle those randoms cards, until you get cards you are happy with. Cycle function is there for a reason.
Please somebody help me!! Is it not possible after you set a control group for a bunch of units to then cycle or tab through each individual unit in that group so I can use their abilities individually?
in pc you can by going to the control settings for keyboard and mouse

I don't think this is possible, I have looked everywhere in the PC controls?? You could do this in HW def edition. This is a deal breaker. Can you really not select a group of units and the hit a button to cycle through each 1 at a time to use abilities.>>>?
Only thing I can note is that unit cost needs to be tweaked a bit so that the side that looses the first confrontation has at least a chance of getting back in, but over all an improvement over the first beta.
smasher555 wrote:
Only thing I can note is that unit cost needs to be tweaked a bit so that the side that looses the first confrontation has at least a chance of getting back in, but over all an improvement over the first beta.
I think that would make the game much more one sided, It would make it that much harder for a comeback. I like the ability to be back competing even though i got wrecked in the first encounter. But ya this beta is leagues ahead of last beta in terms of actually working.
Dear 343i and Creative Assembly,
Hello! I very much loved the Blitz beta, here is my feedback.

Well to start, I think all units feel balanced, and the specific units that are designed to be super effective against other's still feel fair. I didn't get my hands on every unit available on the beta, so I can't really expand my feedback on units. A few issues that came to mind was there being no sort of scoreboard or roster board. Usually in most games when you press tab it will show you basic server information like team mates, your score, etc. I could be wrong about this and it is just bound to a different key, I should go make sure.

A gameplay thing I didn't like or wished to see incorporated was some sort of overtime mechanic. Consider this scenario, your team is losing and you only control one of the 3 control points. The enemy team is nearing a win, and collectively you send the armies you've built to capture a second control point as the enemy is dangerously close to victory as their score increases. Your armies collide and fight on the point, but the game ends before that one possibly game changing battle ends because the enemy already has full points. Despite you having troops that are physically standing on the point, the game ends anyways. There seems to be no overtime and it sorta limits the possibility of making big plays. Sometimes you just see that the enemy will win even if you can get your troops there and win because time is not on your side. I have noticed however that sometimes if you are fighting on a point the point will turn neutral and the announcer will state it is being contested, but this seems to only happen after a while of the two teams fighting on the point and not immediately upon an enemy stepping on it. An argument in favor for this is as previously stated, it allows for more clutch play-makings. An argument against it could be that it would be frustrating and annoying for an an enemy to just spam units across the edge of the point and stall you from getting points. This is just my first impression on this potential issue, and I could be wrong about all of this so do correct me if I am. I also really like this game already because I initially thought it was an easy casual game that would pander to really nooby players. But now I see that's not true. It takes skill, it takes managing individual squads of troops, managing resources and your capture points as well. There are also strategic spots where you can place units such as locusts and blisterbacks to get an edge on short ranged enemies trying to assault the capture points as an example.

-Buying Card Packs
Overall, the gameplay is very fun, but there is still the possibility of players who spend money on card packs to have an advantage over the ones who don't because they'd potentially have much more frequent chances of gaining a powerful card.

-User Interface/Main Menu
As for the main menu, it seems kinda clunky and messy, things are just all over the place, it doesn't seem very professional to me. I wasn't sure if I should say this because it's a beta and chances are it's not a finished menu, but I guess it doesn't hurt to put that out there. The music was also very very quiet even on max sound options, both in-game and in the main menu. This might be purely subjective, but the very stylized artistic renders and art just looks very "indy" to me. It doesn't look sleek, it just looks messy. As card artworks they do work very well. It's hard to describe, in fact I might go in later and fully dissect the menu, but so far to me it seemed ugly and messy, the startup music didn't feel very grand as many Halo title screens do. I know it's too late in development to change or make any new music. But at least increasing the volume would do very good. I know so far my points on the main menu haven't been too constructive, but as I said I will go into the main menu and fully dissect it.
I will continue to play the beta and provide input. This is just my initial response to it on the 1 and a half hour of playtime I've put in.

-Buying Card Packs Cont.
I notice many people are saying that being able to buy packs and level up units sounds pay to win, and I'd have to agree. That is the one aspect of this I'm not entirely sure i will be able to stomach. Maybe for blitz firefight it'd be acceptable, but I'm not so sure about this. I personally always figured that you guys can make micro transactions like how games like CSGO or TF2 make, where it's essentially just crates with cosmetic skins. In this case you could make some sort of rng system,, you know, the one that reels in the cash, and just make there be skins for units. Maybe flaming hogs, maybe some really sick looking tank paintjob, just an idea. I would be much for a cosmetic microtransaction system than one that at it's core seems to be very pay to win :3

Forgot to mention that I was surprised how well the game ran on my not incredibly good pc, so kudos to the optimization for pc.
I would like to be able shuffle through my deck quicker. The cycle button is to slow in my opinion.
I can not change my class once I get into the pre game lobby an their should be a limit on how many scarabs you can get in one game. I've played several games now an there's been teams that have gotten 2 scarabs each at once. You can not win against more than one scarab and if you build the scarabs it is no longer a strategy game. I thought Halo wars 2 was supposed to be a strategy game not which team builds scarabs first wins.
PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE make it possible to select and cycle through units in a control group OMG how do we lose this feature from HW1??????????
Pretty much loving Halo Wars 2 so far (not so much Blitz, but that's just an opinion), but I've got some feedback/tips/suggestions...

1. Be able to see the name of the owner of the unit you have clicked on (like in Halo Wars 1).
2. Be able to un-ready up in the pregame lobby after selecting your hero and deck.
3. The card selector in-game (in Blitz mode) is very sticky, I guess you could call it, where sometimes it's very easy to accidentally call in the wrong unit.
4.I can't remember the third one... I'll edit this when I remember it. XD
Edit: 4. Make it easier to leave ma party than having to pull up the party, and then find your profile, then leave. I had to ask a friend to figure out how to leave....
The ping on the mini map is rather quite and unnoticeable. I often have to ping multiple times to get people's attention.

Additionally, why is my teammates focus point no longer displayed on map?
The ping on the mini map is rather quite and unnoticeable. I often have to ping multiple times to get people's attention.

Additionally, why is my teammates focus point no longer displayed on map?
Yah I noticed this too and I agree, we should be able to see where our teammates are looking on the mini map.
I hope I'm wrong but with Halo Wars 2 coming to PC as well as xbox one and with creative assembly making it, I've had a worry that PC would get the favour over console and from what I've experienced that is the case. Controls for the controller are bit of a let down and don't seem as intuitive as Halo Wars but what hope can console players expect from a PC developer that makes games that require a lot of micromanaging. Perhaps I need to play the campaign and proper multiplayer modes to get a feel for it but at the moment I think us console players got short changed with this push to pc.

Loved Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2 looks promising but Blitz just isn't a game mode for console. The amount of micromanaging that is required to be effective can't be easily done with a controller. It feels to me that Blitz is blatantly aimed at PC players. If there is crossplay between console and pc, pc players will dominate console players in Blitz because of the speed and precision the mouse and keyboard offer for micromanaging.

For the life of me I can't understand why you changed the bloody controls so much. Why?! They worked so well in Halo Wars. You don't see them making many changes to the controls from Halo 4 to 5 or from one COD to the next or from Assassins Creed to the next sequel, so why on earth did you feel the need to change what worked? Why not instead have Halo Wars layout and the layout you made and let players choose?

Micromanaging with a controller in a 3v3 Blitz match in a large battle is next to impossible. I build units that I think are effective against what the enemy has, turning my army into a blob of mixed units. A large battle starts and before I can micromanage units to attack what their most effective against, half my army is dead. Maybe its because I'm rusty since its been so long since Halo Wars, but in these battles I feel like I have no control. I tell them to attack and might as well roll the dice because counters don't counter so well, and units that should be strong against certain units aren't.

Tutorial wasn't long enough to get a handle on all the controls and UI.

Game ends too quickly. Whoever wins the beginning battles will most likely win the match.

I double tap A on a unit to select all units of the same type, (double tap on odst to select all odsts on screen) but for some reason that doesn't work. Have you removed that from the controller layout? Would be good to add it, to select for example all odsts to counter hunters.

Battles are too chaotic. Pretty much every game I've played, I get a large force and engage the enemy army and in the chaos I've lost everything but 1 or 2 units. Its difficult to tell what is going on in a large battle, who the enemy is, how my units are doing.

Selecting cards on controller is a pain. Many times I've tried to select one of the top 2 cards only for it to flick between them, wasting time and diverting my attention.

Cards levelling up and gaining HP and DMG, I understand having that in, it provides longevity to Blitz so people invest in their decks but initially people who pay to buy packs rather than earn them will have an advantage over those players for the first couple weeks while players earning them catch up levelling their deck. So its pay to win outta the gate gradually evening out as time passes. Although by the time players earning packs have levelled their decks, they may not be interested in blitz anymore if they have been dominated because of P2W.

Why on earth allow players to see enemies units and positions? Makes it extremely difficult for a team to comeback when the enemy can see what your doing and adjust accordingly.

Units like the Locust and for UNSC I think its called the Ranger (the anti air mech) both units attack range is insane, Locust is the worst of the two though.

We should be able to see where our teammates are looking on the minimap like in the original Halo Wars. It can add situational awareness and highlight things we may have missed or aid in planning where to attack.

Scarabs and Condors are far to overpowered. They can't be countered at all, they decimate everything including units that are supposed to have an advantage against them.

End of rant. I will be buying Halo Wars 2 because I loved the first Halo Wars and I have faith this will be good. I was really looking forward to the beta and really sinking into it over the weekend but for me Blitz isn't that fun and I'm probably only going to play it 3-4 maybe 5 hours over the weekend rather than hammering it like I originally planned. Perhaps it was a poor choice having both betas be control point gamemodes.
There really needs to be a description box for all of the cards so you actually know what they are rather than just an obscure name. Maybe also some percentage bars to show how they counter units like when you look at the overall deck stats
You can do that. It's called "inspect card."
Doesn't have a description though so you don't actually know what it does
It does. Go look.
Wasn't able to participate in the normal multiplayer beta, but I'm enjoying Blitz so far. My matches seem to end quickly, though, because my enemies tend to surrender. A lot. I find the controls on he XB1 fairly simple, but selecting a card to use from the deck can be a little frustrating for me.

Game keeps crashing and driving my laptop insane. Not quite on the "OH GOD MY COMPUTER IS DYING" that Halo 5: Forge causes, but my computer can't really handle the game. Mostly an issue on my end.
I've put 7 hours into the beta, one problem I've notice is balancing. Rank or a deck level should be used to put players together so the match is fairly even. A rank 9,7, and 6 should not go up against a 1, 6 and 4. High ranking players will tend to know what they are doing and hove better cards, while a low level player will still be figuring things out and have weaker cards.
I realy hope they will tune the game because right now I'm not even considering buying it. A lot of things are wrong in my opinion.

The blitz game mode has shown some nice additions to classic RTS games, but the card system needs to be reworked almost 80-90% I think.
-I can't stand the idea of an RTS game bottlenecking my APM, and that's what the card selection system is doing right now. I need to be able to play cards in quick succession if I want to and have the energy to do so. Also the cards UI should be scalable, or at least be reduced by default, since I think it occupies too much real estate on screen, and can hinder the placements of units. Furthermore, the option to pay for card pack should be removed OR remove the card leveling system, as it WILL create an imbalance between players that will eventually ruin the "competitive" aspect of it.
-I also think the game pacing is wrongly tuned, to a point where as soon as someone gets the advantage, it's impossible to come back. That's due (i think) to multiple factors. First the time to complete a game needs to be longer, either by augmenting the number of points needed to win or making earning points longer... Or a bit of both. That's because in my opinion you have no point in retreating and trying to regroup a new army, the enemy WILL win if you do so. Also making games longer would allow players to really cycle through their deck and emphasize on strategy, instead of trying to spawn as many units as possible.
-this point is simple, and I honestly don't know how to put it other than this... WHERE ARE THE COMMS OPTIONS? I want to mute people with noisy microphones, I wanna mute myself, I want to enable / disable voice chat... It feels like the game development was botched altogether.
-Unit manipulation feels really clunky. Often times I will ask for a movement command to my units, and they would ignore it and continue attacking, or start to attack as soon as they crossed paths with an enemy. If i want to micromanage my units, i should be able to. I also don't mind slow moving units, since the maps are small, but unit reaction times are really depressing. Since we see the enemy's troops on the minimap moving in real time, we would normally have the opportunity to react to an opponent's moves if you watch the minimap closely, but since unit reaction times to issued commands is so slow, it ends up useless to see them on the minimap... I would personally recommend getting rid of that functionality OR augmenting unit reaction times.

All around I must admit I am really disappointed with the current gameplay for a game that long overdue, and it feels like a posh attempt to cash in on the Halo franchise. I wouldn't mind the game being postponed a couple of months if it meant a good and thorough cleaning of the gameplay. I would give the demo a score of 4/10, since it was huge disappointment and felt rough on the edges, and i can't stress enough that the game as the potential to be a 8 or 9 outta 10.
i dont find anything wrong with it but its great
Fog of war is confusing... I believe in a real match (not blitz) I cannot see the players army and building unless I'm there... However, in Blitz you can see right through it... Not a consistent thing... Sort of like Radar or Radar Off discussions in Halo 5. Fog of War will be a big debate in RTS games...

Will there be a PRO BLITZ mode where Fog of War is Enabled? I can envision HCS hosting tournaments under these kind of settings...
While I feel the mode is overall fun, I feel there are a couple glaring problems.
1:It is nigh.impossible to come from behind. While this is the case in many rts games, this isn't supposed to be a regular rts gamemode
2:Allowing enemy units to be seen globally on the minimap. This is extremely frustrating as it eliminates almost all tactical planning or guerrilla tactics that should be able to be utilized here. It also compounds the problem of being able to come from behind, as I feel the energy drops are meant in part to give those who are behind a chance at a comeback, however if the enemy can see you no matter where you are, it becomes far too easy to defend energy drops when you are ahead
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